Durantis is back for Price Checks for all and everything!

After a few years, I have returned to eve. I plan on continuing my price checking services for all.

i had the longest thread on the old forums for price checks,


The Price is Right! Accurate Price Checks, Day and Night

Are you unsure what the price of your items really is? Do you have questions about a rare ship or how much your old character is worth?
Look no further than Durantis’ Price Checks. Simply EVEmail me in game or leave a list of your items and I will reply with an honest appraisal of any items listed.
There is a much better chance you will get a quick repsonse if you send me an EVEmail!

Currently Appraising :

  • BPO’s (T1 and T2)
  • Ships
  • Modules ( Faction, Officer, and More!)
  • Characters
  • Included is advice on specific skills to train, making your character more appealing and of higher value.

I also give advice on the current market situation and help you decide if now is the right time to sell your precious items and characters or not.

Donations are greatly appropriated. I have to pay for my account with plex cards. Don’t be cheap people!

Third Party Selling Service Offered for the Following:
Faction and Officer Modules

9B isk in Thrid Party Transactions

Due to market fluctuation, please do not expect the same price every time. If there is a considerable amount of time that has gone by without a response, please re-send your item list via EVEmail to “The Durantis” and I will be sure to deliver a quick, accurate response.

Send you a mail

reply sent in game

actually says i cant contact you, wouldnt let me send you the mail. just add me. and mail will be sent

My bad. Now you can.

5 happy people servered. im looking to help more

Im still here to assist

looking for a price check if you can help me out


can use thanny sleipnor tengu proteus loki

Zkillboard is 613 destoryed 11 lost 8 9 months old thank you if you can help me

Inferno Rage Heavy Assault Missile BPO… Thoughts?

Mail send

35b sorry for the late reply

looking for a pirce check on https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/mino_Amelana

how much are these two ships worth please?



About 8b give or take 500m. Nice frieghter alt. And implants. I take tips byw


Password. Not working

Fixed. Mail sent in game

Wouldnt let me mail you. I dont kmow why.

Heres my mail.

about 17b good caldari skills and implants. he looks like he was extracted. would of been worth alot more before.

if you have questions feel free to ask.

also i subscribe my accounts off tips. appreciated but not required.

also i love feedback on my thread

thank you

I sent i think to your other toon in game. Unless someone else also asked me… lol