Dust Up Shipyards - HS Indy Corp Recruiting Active Pilots

Hello everyone!

I am the CEO of Dust Up Shipyards. We are a High sec corp looking for new and vets alike to join our ranks. We are a laid back corp focused on industry and the trading side of Eve.

We offer:

*Orca Boosted Fleets
*Moon Mining/Refinery Access
*EC access
*Laid back atmosphere
*L4 Caldari Missions

We also have a discord channel. If you are interested, feel free to PM me or email me ingame. Hope to hear from you and see you out there! o7

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Now offering boosted mining fleets! Join your new home today!

i have a toon that is looking

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Got questions? Join our chat! DUST Shipyards!

Still rolling hot on the recruitment train, come check us out for a lax time!

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