DX12 worth it?

Since most people end up turning it off anyway? :smile:

Game is looking nice and there is more FPS without DX12 turned on on my computer. You have to test on yours tho. I have turned DX12 off when it was introduced and not turning it on in close future. People also report graphical bugs on DX12.

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DX12 works fantastic in Forza horizon 4, smooth as silk. If thats any help?

Maybe if CCP will make Walking in Stations using only DX12, I will turn it on.

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I have zero issues running DX12 on a RTX 3060 with up to date drivers etc.

But all those new players who came because of this!

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I didn’t turn it off and I have had very few graphical problems. A lighting flicker occasionally in some stations, but nothing game stopping.

I wouldn’t notice, since I am running this on Linux OS. DirectX is a graphics library Microsoft developed to run games in Windows. They promoted it by creating the XBox series. Linux OS used a free open source library called OpenGL, which is currently being rebranded as Vulkan and/or Xorg an open source implementation of the X Window System. There might be other variants but I just go with what works the best. My DirectX 12 will always be off for this reason.

In the future, you just will not have any choice running Windows based games on Linux, and MS is working hard at putting the squeeze on Linux developers. It is very nice to play this and many other games on the new Steam Deck console.

I am not saying this or any other game runs better in Linux, in fact I want more games written for Linux OS. I run Linux because I get a lot more freedom of choice. Also my Linux boots up in about 9 seconds. Last I heard it takes a while to get powered up in Windows. No matter what you choose, enjoy your OS.

Once through the bios my win 10 takes about 5 seconds to be completely usable.

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Are there any objective performance benefits/drawbacks between enabling or disabling DX12?

Why would they even use that and a completely separate API for Mac, when they could just use Vulkan which has essentially the same feature set as DX12, and support basically every operating system in existence with one client.

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@Aisha_Katalen Thanks for the reply, I haven’t used Windows since my XP days and I was basing my my information on a coworker’s Windows 10 pro that takes him about 90 seconds after BIOS. Maybe he needs a new PC.

@Syzygium both DX12 and Vulkan work best with the newest GPUs and better with AMD than Nvidia. If you are running some late model GPU from prior to the cryptocurrency rate hikes… well DX12 on or off probably will not matter to you. DX11 came out in 2013 and DX12 in 2020, if your card predates 2013 then DX isn’t your problem.

@Karak_Terrel there are a lot of Direct X versus Vulkan videos and blogs to look at and most will tell you Vulkan out performs Direct X. One also has to read beyond the bias of the authors. Just as Nvidia card users are going to tell you Nvidia beats AMD. Unless you are technologically astute, I would never recommend the average user to install Vulkan to Windows for a little GPU boost. Most Windows devotes like to stay in their comfort zone and this is why most haven’t switched to Linux.

Do you even know what you are talking about? Vulkan is an API that the game or it’s engine has to target and be programmed against, and not something the user installs

I like when FPS doesnt go below 60 and it just works. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Directx12 in Eve.

In terms of brute performance: it depends on your system. Different GPU manufacturers (AMD, Nvidia, Intel) do things differently. For example the Intel Arc GPU cards are fine, but they only handle Directx12 on the card, Directx11 is done in translation in the driver - so tends to be lower performance.

In terms of “prettiness” - with everything turned up - the Directx12 option is going to look nicer because of an increased range of capabilities in the API. CCP now target DX12 for their development. Their choice, don’t whine about it.

Advice: try DX11 and try DX12 - see what you like. If you can’t tell the difference stick with DX12.

I run on Linux. I’m using Dxvk so am limited to DX11 (can’t be bothered rolling my own DX12 capable Wine - DX12 needs to be compiled in). It runs fine. My limitation is the processor - the PC I built was very good when I put it together just over ten years ago. Any Wine build is now just a long session of coffee drinking as it ticks slowly onwards.

Eve is very Processor demanding rather than GPU demanding - it can run well at 1080p on an old GTX1060 card, but needs a reasonable processor to go with it. Seventh gen i7 at 3.6Gz or similar is CCPs advice. My experience backs that up: CPU is my bottleneck for Eve.

hm, I run EVE on a Ryzen 5600X with a Radeon 5700XT, 32GB DDR4 / Windows 11 up to date.

I switched back to DX11 yesterday and since I play on medium settings I noticed no visual impact, I probably don’t use any of the nicer effects of DX12 anyway. The scenes seem to run a bit smoother, my max FPS is limited to 120 to save energy and heat, so I can’t tell if the FPS has gone up, in both settings I usually hit the limit. I just seem to have less moments where the GPU cooler really goes mad to keep the 120 FPS with DX11, it was more noisy with DX12.

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If you need help installing Vulkan to Windows, here is a link.

I don’t use Windows, I use Linux. But anyway, this doesn’t do anything. A game has to be programmed against the Vulkan API for this to be required, you don’t gain anything by just installing a library that doesn’t get used by anything

When EVE will use Vulkan?

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