DX9 Usage Inquiry

Greeting Capsuleers!

I am breaking the “Don’t talk to us unless it’s the Alliance Tournament” agreement of old to beg your feedback and assistance. Please forgive me.

Team Trilambda is gathering information regarding the DirectX(DX) 9 setting in EVE Online clients. While our minimum specification for support (and Mac and Linux users) must use DX9, we have seen a steady increase in the number of users on DX11-capable systems voluntarily choosing to run EVE Online in DX9 mode.

If you use EVE Online’s DX9 mode voluntarily on a Windows PC with a DX11-capable GPU, please reply below and tell us the specific reason that you switched the setting.

All applicable responses are welcome, and if you would prefer to remain anonymous, you may contact me directly with your reason.

Thank you.


Mumble 1.2.x doesn’t support DX11 for its overlay. Mumble 1.3.x does, but those are development snapshots, not stable builds.

Probably not the main reason, but might be a contributing factor.

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mumble 1.3 works stable for me. might be worth switching.

I mean if you provide a native linux build based on Vulcan/OpenGL. I will happily use that instead of DX9 :wink: *keeps fingers crossed*


Wine (and EVE under Linux) works with DX11 for couple of months now just fine. FPS is low and sun glares are flickering, but it works. Wouldn’t be a stopper if they decide to remove DX9 asap.

About 6-8 weeks ago I started getting a lot of stuttering and rubber-banding and slow performance in Eve while multi-boxing several chars. I had never had any performance problems with Eve previously.

I first tried downgrading graphics options which helped slightly. I then came across a forum post that had the same problem and described how to downgrade to DX9 in the launcher. I tried that and it seemed to improve performance.

I didn’t see anything that I was missing visually with DX9 so I haven’t tried going back to DX11.

Windows 10
Intel i7 920
Nvidia GTX Titan

I am not currently running on DX9 but I did it for a long time, because with Dx11 my R9 270X (or my R9 390) kept crashing when people took armor damage. Recently I enabled Dx 11 again and did not have the issue again. Support suggested me back then to go to Dx9, which helped. So a portion of volunatry Dx9 can come from that.

Performance. With DX11 enabled, my FPS is terrible anywhere near structures or (the worst bit) anytime I have to have the probing map open. Having “pretty” visuals is, and I mean no disrespect to all the artists who work on such things, not important for my enjoyment. Therefore, I turn it all off and run in DX9.

Mumble overlay

Also setting anti-aliasing to anything but “none” with DX11 yields a black garbled screen on linux (using nvidia gtx770).

The only reason is performance.

I’m on fairly old PC(10 years soon :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ). Under DX9 I usually could reach constant 60 fps at all times(casual playing in high sec) compared to 45-50 with DX11 and as the patches this year came out, even on DX9 the performance was constantly getting lower, with me being currently at 40-55 fps just running missions and flying around high sec.

The main issue leading to switch for me were the nebulas in missions(ie Blockade, Recon 1 etc) - they absolutely murdered my FPS under DX11. FPS sank to sub 10 and the game became barely playable. DX9 was basically the only way to play this game.

p.s.: I haven’t checked whether the nebula issues were fixed - alpha currently.

Changing to dx9 increases my fps and boosts undock loading. Laptop Lenovo g505 with AMD discreete card.

Wine-staging-2.19, with a .wine directory which EVE shares with a handful of other games.

DX9 means things actually draw, DX11 means the UI doesn’t crash. Undocking and hauling in hisec is doable, but going to pick a fight with someone is… yeah, no.

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