Launcher Settings Change – DirectX 9 Metrics Gathering


In the next hour or so, we’ll be making a quick change that will clear the “Run game on DirectX 9” checkbox in your EVE Online Launcher.

The reason for this change is to facilitate the gathering of metrics on DirectX 9 usage, as well as we move towards phasing it out, as announced in this Dev Blog.

What will this do to my launcher?

Every time you start your EVE Online launcher, it checks your hardware to work out which version of DirectX to use when running the EVE Client. If you’re running an older machine, then fear not, your launcher will detect this, and launch using DirectX 9.

If you have a more recent machine that can run a newer version, the launcher will default to that. The only change that clearing this checkbox causes, is that it stops the launcher from forcing clients to launch in DirectX 9 and allows it to launch the most optimal for your machine.

Experiencing Issues?

If you do experience driver crashes after this change and would like to re-enable this checkbox, then feel free to do so. Please also be sure to file a bug report with us if you do encounter issues.

If you’d like to discuss this, you can do so in this thread.


Why is this rubbish taking place hours after downtime and not at downtime when people actually have the chance/willingness to close and restart their launchers to trigger the download of updates because the launcher is still not capable of doing that reliably on its own?

Instead of removing such a feature, why don’t you put some effort into making the launcher better?


Does this mean that Linux users will be able to use more than DX9?


Why closing and restarting the launcher is such a trouble for cry babies like you? HTFU.


Had to recently switch back to using the DX9 option to avoid crashes / lockups when multi-boxing using default (DX11?). Stable with single client. Will submit bug report.


It’s not about HTFU, it’s about organizational incompetence. EVE already has a maintenance downtime for things like this. Now, without good cause, CCP changes a thing on the launcher that can very likely brick the program for users, preventing them from launching or restarting clients in the middle of the day. At downtime, while not being less annoying, it is at least expected and CCP is already at work to fix and correct things per definition.

I do not know about you, but CCP has a very ample history of causing trouble with even the minutest things, so restarting the launcher in the middle of the day is very much a cause for concern. Maybe you should learn information a bit better before you comment?


I have the same question, but for the Mac users. Does that mean Wine has the updated DX stable enough to play?



A small percentage of DrX 9 usage (с) CCP
Somewhere I’ve already seen it. :thinking:

It’s not like it’s exactly difficult to recheck this box if you have issues. This is why we’ve explicitly messaged that we’re doing this, along with the fact you can re-enable this if you want to.

The fact that we’ve unchecked this box won’t cause people who’re in game to crash. It’s only used when an instance of the client is started, so it’s not going to cause issues for people already in game.

Whether we did this at downtime or not is entirely irrelevant.


Running a DX9 client and then re-/starting a client with DX11 won’t create issues? Or something unrelated? You know that CCP has a very nice history of bricking things that, for instance, aren’t even part of a patch or change. I believe it when I see it.


Oh, so this is why I got the “client closed unexpectedly” error message today and had to reselect DX9


This is a bit of an unsubstantiated accusation. There’s nothing here that’s ‘likely’ to ‘brick’ anything. At worst your Launcher will tell you that you need to restart it, but since this is just a settings change it may not even do that and it’s likely the client will launch fine with the old launcher version.

CCP is no better or worse than any other MMO company when it comes to patch-day issues and other fun. You’re just venting your spleen for no reason here mate.


Wow and I thought I suffered in life until I saw the troubles this guy has

Nothing is unsubstantiated when it comes to CCP changing things.especially at random times and not during the daily maintenance window.


You have no proof of this causing any issues, all you have is a questionably accurate record, some rather exaggerated claims about that record, and some paranoia. That’s pretty much the textbook definition of an unsubstantiated claim… :laughing:

Well, of course, I don’t have any proof of this particular change to brick anything. It was just released, darling. Other changes to the launcher in the past that made it regularly forget logins, or changes to launcher and server that would make it not start up properly and load properly are all well documented. Not to mention all the screw ups on the actual client. Putting that aside, all I am asking is that CCP becomes a little bit more organized and publishes changes during the daily DT and not at random times when they feel like it. That’s after all what the DT is for.



Which is no more or less than any other MMO of a similar age has had to deal with. WoW has bricked their servers for days at a time, login queues can last a day or longer, and don’t even get me started on the Diablo 3 launch.

It’s almost like technology is tricky and testing only gets you so far :wink:

Regardless of any of that your claim that this is somehow any worse for not landing directly on the server restart is ridiculous.

So it’s not forcing people to logout for the update and it automatically detects your settings when you start it up again (or you can manually change this to fix any automation issues) and this guy is still trying to justify his original argument which is literally these two points?

/me cannot understand this

Gathering metrics is fine, but don’t remove DX9 support. Some of us Linux users depend on it.


DirectX11 works well for quite some time in EVE under Linux with latest Wine dev builds. Just enable dev builds in launcher settings and try it out.
There were minor issues ofc here and there (lower FPS, sun flares flickering) but it’s definitely playable.

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