Dynamic reward system for PVE--is it still in the game and should we bring it back?

EVE doesnt care.

As far as EVE is concerned, each of your characters is distinct.

What you describe as “hive mind” can be translated as your characters having a mutual interest ingame, and working together.

It doesnt matter that you are the intelligence behind each of them.

This is far preferable to EVE applying standings to ALL your characters, for the action of one of them.

Doesnt make sense that if one of your toons commits a criminal act, all are penalized.
Doesnt make sense that if one of your toons performs a mission, all your characters receive bonus for that faction, and penalty for its antipaths.

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Yeah, EVE doesn’t have so many achievements related to characters of different standings.

I am confused. My main point is to have rewards of different PVE activities dynamically balanced by the system, but everyone is talking about standing here…

Saying about standings, I really hated the big big standing loss for shooting NPC industrials and buildings. That’s totally unreasonable.

Id be fine with NPC entities offering less reward the more content issued by them is farmed, it that’s what you meant by dynamics,

Standings can offset that, somewhat.

Could be extended to CONCORD bounties on pirates as well, such that the more one faction is farmed, the less reward they give, compared to the rate of farming on other factions.

I’m assuming here that bounty on Empire ship popping is paid by e antagonist Empire, not CONCORD.

Ive long been a proponent of an NPC system that is a circle, where all actions for/against a certain NPC entity have bonus/penalty not only for the player, but the NPC entity also.

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