Dynamic reward system for PVE--is it still in the game and should we bring it back?

Many people have complained that the new PVE elements such as FOB and RW failed because they do not provide any worthy rewards. I recalled a legacy mechanic that may be obsolete by now. Many years ago, it is said that mission payout, before affected by skills and security status of agent’s system, is dynamically balanced by the system over time.

Quote from CCP Fozzie:

Mission isk and lp rewards use a system that autocalculates them based on a number of factors (including how quickly people complete the mission on average and how often they decline it). Unfortunately this means that the mission completion rewards will be a bit wonky on Sisi, and for the first couple days on TQ.

We’ve set the reward multipliers to a level that should work pretty well after a few downtimes on TQ, but we are also committed to tweaking them as we go. It’s very possible that these numbers could see several tweaks in the first few weeks after Hyperion launches.

There were posts about burner missions having very low rewards “like 200k and 800 LP.” when they first came out(https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/369826/). I believed if this level of reward persists, nobody will bother spending time creating content on it. But fortunately, the dynamic reward system played a part in that, and at the time I started EVE in Aug 2015, the reward was like what it is today–higher than any other normal missions, with the exception of Blood Raider Anomic Base, which was like less than half of normal burner payout, and was buffed to normal level sometime around 2017. Guristas Agent is still about 10% less than other burners till today.

I don’t know how the dynamic reward system was like before, but as far as I can remember, I haven’t seen changes in mission rewards except the Blood Raider Anomic Base since I played, even though everyone knows how to beat burners nowadays, and burners are regularly farmed and no longer a challenge.

Still, I doubt if the system is properly responsive to the difficulties of a mission. For example, the Guristas Anomic Base is not recommended by most players because its too tedious and dangerous, while Serpentis Anomic Base is much easier. But they all have similar rewards–maybe the reward function is just calculated or overridden to its max output.

Dynamic reward system is still in FW–the faction tier affects level of LP supply. So would it be a good idea if various PVE activities, not only missions, but also activities like Incursion, FOB, RW, are balanced through a dynamic reward system so people are always encouraged to swap their focus, not just doing the only “highest profit” ones?

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Im a big fan of standings mattering more.

But in terms of mission rewards, I don’t think a favored capsuleer with better standing should get a greater reward.

Just doesnt make sense the NPC entity would pay more to someone they “like”, for the same mission.

Instead, Id propose that there are missions available only to favorable standing capsuleers, which then have greater reward.


So you just wanted to reward grinding for standings? Made me recall the WoW experience of grinding every reputation to Exalted and unlock those items. But a few months is already enough to grind to 10 standing and there’s no more to go.

Besides, I really hate being barred from certain part of hi-sec space just because of those derived standing changes.

I may have misunderstood your OP.

What exactly do you want changed?

FOB and RW are very unpopular now. Most people said there is literally no reward for doing those sites. I am proposing to make the rewards of those and the existing PVE elements change over time to encourage people to try new things.

I’d rather see the rewards scaling based on the “level” of a player, number of participating players and difficulty of a site itself (which would again be based on player/s “level”, used ships etc.). Preferably combined together.

This would allow both solo and group playstyle to be challenging and rewarding.

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Its not random though, you chose to take the action that led to the standing changes. Perhaps more warnings could be given about the effects (pitiful that they are these days) but in no way are they random.

Don’t want to get shut out of Jita? … then don’t piss off the Caldari or their friends.

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Or in this case, the Keyboard. That person doesn’t matter. Each character in Eve has carved out their own career path, each is unique with it’s own personality.

As for standings in this game, they should definitely matter more. Every character makes a choice in the actions they do within this game. As such those actions should have consequences, sometimes even dire. However over the years CCP has been steadily removing those consequences, turning this game into easy mode for instant gratification players. Basically they’ve reduced Eve’s longevity and have turned the long term investment aspect of it into a short term throwaway game.

Removing standings from this game will only make Eve become even more generic, definitely something I don’t want to see.

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One of the problems with RW that few have mentioned is the ship limitations. Aside from ORE, you’re limited to combat ships of the Empire region, ie: the Forge = Caldari. That excludes any Pirate or other Empire Faction ship from participating. I haven’t tried the FOBs, but from what others have commented it doesn’t scale well from a reward standpoint.

Standings should have more of an impact in the game. For starters, anything above 9.0 Empire should provide an additional NPC tax reduction as well as discout for repairs (an 10% for every unmodified .1 standing over 9.0) in those Empire systems.

Missions should have a 100% NPC elimination bonus so there is an incentive to not blitz them. Let’s face it: the bounties and salvage are pretty lackluster in most missions.

I’d love to see something rewarded for earning a 10.0 (if that’s even possible) Empire standing, such as the inability to perform a criminal action against your ship in that Empire (yeah, no ganking - let the salt flow!)


I like how you think.

Course if those changes were implemented a lot more than just salt would be flowing.



On the matter of standings matter definately not gank proof if you’re in a certain empire but npc assistance perhaps?Only against other npcs tho something like this:you are mining in a belt get jumped by rats with some moderate delay a very small navy patrol warps in-say 1 logi 1 ewar 1 tackle frig 2 cruisers maybe even less.

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I was definitely serious about the anti-gank aspect for achieving a 10.0 (or 9.9) status for that Empire. Other players can still steal from you, you’re not immune from WarDecs or kill rights, and the gank invulnerability is only good in applicable Empire space in high-sec.

And this is only available to Omegas. Do you realize how many players would start logging in on a more regular basis to achieve this goal? Or upgrade to Omega?


Imagine standings being actually worth something…


Standings are character specific.
Doesn’t matter how many you have, or how few.

The NPCs dont know what your other characters are, nor do they care if they belong to the same player.

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Imagine is just about all we can do :cry:


Your statement is EXACTLY WHY we play as hive minds and not as characters.

I’m locked out of Amarr space, but I’m not because I have an alt that goes there with my ISK and gets my things for me. The downside to a negative standing is zero.


We already had that just recently and it was epic. It ended up with an outcry though and got nerfed …

The cause for a lot of problems in New Eden.

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I’ve been running missions for 11 years, including many empire kill missions, and I’m not locked out of any space. That’s a weak argument that people won’t stop making.

Or choose to kill them and get valuable tags, then run a few missions for them (or one of their friends) to repair your standings. The negative losses get smaller and smaller, where the lower you go the bigger the positive reward. The standings mechanics are super game-able.

meh, and that’s coming from someone who did the 9.9 standings grind. As much fun as sitting on the jita undock in a 100bil ship with a stack of plex in the cargo would be, it just doesn’t sound right.

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Fixed that for you.