Burner Bases mission rewards are TOO DAMN LOW!

They require higher gear investment comparing to TEAMs and AGENTs.
Also, they have more HP to chew through (which directly translates into longer completion time).

So, why so low reward?

But the most outrageous is the Guristas Base Supercarrier - endless repeating waves of fighters brings no joy nor challenge!

I propose (to put them in line with frigate “burners”):
1)) Increase payment +20% in LP
2)) Significantly decrease HP of fighters in Guristas Base Supercarrier (-100% at least). Maybe consider decrease the “waves” count.
3)) Add some exclusive items in drop-lists for THESE EXACT BASEs => more attractive to accept!

Unlikely to happen. CCP hasn’t tampered with missions let alone actually increase the agent rewards in years. With them doing EVE Vanguard now missions are probably at the bottom of their list to do anything. IF it is on there at all.

I admire the effort to post this OP.

Come back in maybe 5 more years.

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I think that’s a bit too rough.

I generally find Ashimmu and Supercarrier both not worth doing, even in nullsec where the rewards are much greater. I couldn’t imagine bothering in highsec where the LP reward is pretty low.

Ashimmu is too long and the loot is poor in comparison to Talos and Angel Base.

Supercarrier same issue but worse.

That said I don’t expect to see any income buffs coming from CCP, they generally only nerf older content.

Yah if they get to missions. Perhaps 5 more years from now.

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