No Loyalty 2 Lowsec Amongst Thieves

I know the topic title sounds like a good rant but I just wanna know what people think of the recent changes?

Acceleration Gate Activation
Mission Rewards
Open/Large Complex

I’m sure there was something else I’ll probably remember in an hour or so

Why they still exists?

:confused: aw darn…From title I was hoping for high NaCL entertainment here. much disappoint


Well, if it increases player participation in FW content then it’s all good, right?

im taking a break from eve atm but i think the changes are awesome , wen i plex again ill go to fw to have lots of fun , imho mission rewards could take a bigger hit , but its pretty nice overall , glad ccp did it

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Yeah from what I can tell they are about 15% lower at teir 4 not sure what the actual equation is these days ?

The kind of nerf I was hoping for was that FW missions be buried in an abandoned quarry and then build a reservoir on top of it.

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