My pov about the game returning on it after 8 years


-i had written a long text how after two weeks back in i like the new skills system, abyss, plexes, alpha & omega status compared to the old 20 day free trial, new ships, changes in modules , skill injectors & extractors, triglavian space… globally ONLY GOOD changes.! but i will skip to the main reason why i’ve made the effort to log in here and make a post (wich is absolutely unusual, i’m not a forum guy)

-CATALYST SUICIDES MFKIN GANKING SQUADS… this have to be adressed… boy they fixed so many things but this is the only mecanic where i haven’t seen a single change in ten years… why is that so ? i even saw a streamer with 30 catalyst accounts on twitch this afternoon, before getting myself suicide ganked this evening.

i don’t say it should disapear because you always should be able to gank someone that’s eve spirit, but it is unbalanced. these people doesnt even bother to carefully cargo scan and do it for a profit, they just throw a few millions to get happy to blow you up. because they can just wait 15minuts and do it again

i just wonder why don’t they do security status penalties 10 times higher + slower grind to recover status ? or suspect timer for several days after engaging someone in HS. that would be the bear minimum, or maybe just nerf those 8 turrets hard point on that kamikaze ship. or just make concord a bit faster and stronger, there’s so plenty of way to slow it down without dumping it. people should resort to this strategy for very cherry picked circumstances, like making a profit or target kill someone… not because you’re a bored rich multibloxer who wants to have fun setting the game on fire.

i watched the kb of that guy who blowed me up, he kills 10 marauders per month, i wonder how many of these people just want to quit after. it’s just not healthy.

some will answer that you have to be always careful, but how boring it is if you can’t even mine some low profitable minerals in high sec while doing smthg else.


Calm down miner.


Hey, can we get one of the regulars to post one of those long-winded explanations about why suicide-ganking is important for EVE’s economy, and how it’s very much possible to plan ahead and take measures to avoid it so that becomes a non-issue? I don’t think we’ve had one of those in a while, and I’m absolutely sure that it’s going to change the OP’s perspective with a life-changing “aha!” moment realization about how they were wrong all along.


Another “Ganking is part of the game, but reeee it shouldn’t happen to me” whine.



Sounds like you’re just upset that if they make some much-needed changes to CONCORD response times, you won’t be able to easily exploit game mechanics to grief new players anymore, which is the only thing you know how to do because you have no actual PvP skills and are too afraid to go out to attack players in null-sec, where the REAL PvPers are.

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This right here is why I gank, and will continue, without any sympathy whatsoever for these plebs who whine endlessly about how ganking is overpowered and “BOOHOOHOOO think of the newbros whinecrysalt…” because as you can see, they openly admit that all they want to do is AFK mine “while doing something else”. They can’t even be bothered to spell out the word something in full, because they are just too lazy.

Here’s a thought - if the game is too challenging, why don’t you try paying attention?


Oh sweet Jesus thank goodness you don’t run CCP games.


One can play in HS just fine and never get in any trouble, sounds to me you made game play choices that made you a target. Make different choices. It’s also funny how after just two weeks you already have the perfect understanding and, thus, “solution”.

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it is my fault i died, i’m not debating it. but yet HS means HIGH security space, i must be able to alt tab 1 minut without having to buy a second screen so i have always an eye. i doubt those 10 marauders that guy killed were afk. i have a good mental and will recover from it, but i think of the health of the game in a broader angle, and this is an abusive mechanic with too less drawback for the gankers. i’m just asking for more drawbacks not the deletion of suicide ganking. please give me that post to enlight me how good it is for eve economy to lose player base out of frustration. it is just a from of cyberbullying in the current state.

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Good, problem solved then.


no because that’s not the point ?

its about the abusive mecanic . how much time you need to resetup a gank from a ganker pov ? 5 min? how much security status do you even lose ?

Why are you saying that there aren’t enough consequences and that changes are needed, if you don’t already know the answers to these questions?

when you can blow up someone in HS on a regular basis with no gains to make other that your own enjoyment of bullying : the only answer is yes there’s not enough drawbacks

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How many drawbacks are needed?

i don’t have the exact answer, i have made some suggestions : harsher security status penalties, longer suspect timers, Maybe not concord, but the frequency mainly.

this post is just about an opinion on this mecanic, please make me change my minda and explain to me why you think this is a good mecanic that people should always be aware and in fear in this game without safe space. ?

the need to multibox several character slots on several account is already a good halt for this, and i believe only a few hand of players are behind the majority of them in the end. but for those few in place, it’s just too easy.

How do you know? Have you tried doing it yourself?

i did do a few suicide ganks with 2-3 catalysts back in time yes on low skilled alts and it needed 5 or 15 min to resetup the fleet iirc.

Got some links to the kills for proof?

Trying to wrap my mind around your logic here. You’ve said that creating the need to multibox to gank had positive effects on the reduction of ganking, but that would mean that the easiest method(s) of ganking were cut off, leaving only the more difficult method(s) available, right? Yet the gankers who remain, the ones who didn’t quit ganking when the easiest method(s) were removed, somehow have it “too easy”? If the current “easy” method(s) of ganking would be “fixed,” wouldn’t that just mean that it would be the end of ganking entirely, since technically only the most difficult method(s) remain as is?


That would break even empire FW in days flat. they’d be -10 or close to it “pirates” in record time. they already take the standing hit to be hated in the other faction space. Now concord would hate them too lol.

Not all of FW’s targets are declared war targets. Some neuts one knows aren’t there to help you out. Okay…they may want to help.

Help free that body from the its pod lol. Shoot first and take the sec hit…maybe fly away from that fight happens.

Some crews you don’t wait for first shot. You take the first shot/use of CC modules.

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let me rephrase,
it’s not a complex method of gank, it’s just tedious and locks several pilots queue and time. if you’re eager to grief people instead of explore more interesting aspects of the game, it’s not that hard. you have to be a bit sadistic person to lock several accounts and pilots just for that pleasure. generally people have better plans for their toons. thats why it’s not that spread i guess. and i didn’t said cut off. i want just it to have enough consequences that you reserve this strategy for more important matter, be it for hauler full of loot or revenge or whatever, not for grief people on a regular basis. i just don’t see any reason in what it is beneficial to the game to keep it that easy for the few into that.

a lost in skills like the old t3 subsystems mecanic for example would be another idea as a penalty of suicide gank