Dynamic skin Profile

As I travel alone in my tengu wearing my Ghostbird skin looking for a fight, it dawned on me. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could set an active and passive PVP skin? Whilst travelling (going from point a to point b) I’m in my passive skin, when I aggress or I’m aggressed my skin switches to the aggressive or active skin and I’m now sporting my Nightfire “do not f**k with me” skin.

Is this something we would like to see? There are many other applications for a dynamic skin system.



Neat fluff idea. If the devs did explore it they could figure out automatic re-skinning for pods. Setting a pod skin or name always gets reset when you board/debark a ship.

Auto skins might also work for abyssal sites wherein entering a high level site applies a volatile skin that lasts until the ship is blown up or a new skin is applied over

are you talking about NPCs or us? because NPCs with color changing skins sounds pretty lit.

I think OP was talking about players. Color change for NPCs could be neat for adding another layer to telegraphing combat actions so players can identify certain AI behavior presets (passive, aggressive, etc).

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