E-Scouting corps/alliances to war dec

Looking for input on ways to scout eve for potential content using out of game resources. Are there websites that can catagorize alliances and corps into regions? How about assets? What do you use as a method to scout potential victims?

Dotlan and zkill only go so far…any other resources out there that can be used?



Use it! It is a very helpful resource, especially for seeing who is in what corp or alliance. You can even drill down and see links to individual player’s zkillboard.

Other than that, I don’t know. Once you do pick a corp to go after, I would suggest searching for any website or web presence they may have.

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thank you for the resource and response Ill check into it…anyone else have techniques or sources?

Friends, informants, spies and any form of “inside” intelligenz you can get. Nothing beats a friend among the haulers and indu players that will tell you when his rivals are up to something very stupid. Kill it, pay a generous tip and hope for more inside information in the future.

(HardKnox claimed that they frequently get hints from small WH corps how and when to attack other smaller corps for maximum damage and loot. Maybe that’s just propaganda, maybe it is not.) Maybe a “rat on your neighbors” channel could work? Maybe with an payout for every hint that got you a good operation (whatever that may be in your case.)

zkill evewho recruitment board

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