E-war Friates to be Invisible on D-scan

Every single God damned situation your application could be improved it has a use. Idk what game you’re playing but in eve that’s far from limited.

I don’t care if the vigil never got a single solo kill in the history of eve. That’s like being upset that the endurance hacks less than half the number of relic cans as the prospect. Hell the numbers aren’t even that far off. The vigil is less than 2k solo kills behind the griffen.

Let’s try another angle

3 can openers happen to be slightly better at hammering nails than a fourth can opener. The fourth can opener does not need to be made better at hammering in nails

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3 can openers get used the other doesn’t.

the vigil is used a lot particularly in missile fleets. I know its one of the first ships we train newbros into.

Yeah but only because they are useless at anything else. Saying that the vigil shouldn’t have any combat ability is like saying that the crucifier and the maulus should only have 1 drone because they have a fleet role they shouldn’t be able to do anything else. Which I don’t agree with because they are great ships that people enjoy flying, just saying that it is a shame you can’t do the same with the vigil, it is only ever usable as a target painter for someone else.

… again in solo kills the vigil is only 2k behind the griffen.

the fact that the other two can do it is not because those ships base states are better its because their E-ear is better for it. They are not intended to be solo ships players just happen to use them that way.

You can solo kill with a griffin it’s just no one does because it takes a long time. In my opinion the griffin is powerful enough as it is. You would struggle to do it with alpha skills but my other character has a long list of solo griffin kills catalysts Coercers Slicers Atrons and it is factional warfare so the long drawn out death is even better for taunting purposes.

A griffin fitted for solo can have a good try at any frigate or destroyer with 2 or less drones where as the vigil only really gets a solo kill when concord or gate guns did 95% of the damage.

and this would be a problem… if they were meant to be getting solo kills

I do apologise for all my solo kills that I am not meant to be getting because this game is just about Null fleets.

oh my you’re right how silly of me. CCP should make hast and ensure these support ships are capable of 1v1 combat. but first i think they need to fix the bantam. did you know it doesn’t even have 1k solo kills? the horror, and you thought the vigil was bad.

My GOD, the burst doesn’t even have 300 solo kills CCP what are you doing

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You are entitled to your opinion of course though my point is 3 of the ewar frigates have versatility and one doesn’t. What problem would it cause if the vigil had comparable strengths to the others in small scale encounters to it’s role in larger ones ?

For instance if it had 2 drones and an extra low slot , how would that make it an abomination ?

no you’re right this is just another symptom of CCP bending over for the large null alliances those bastards. they even had me convinced that support ships should be balanced to play supporting roles

You have an odd understanding of the term balanced

One of my personal favorites 1 griffin vs 2 destroyers

I’m not really sure what the vigil needs something appropriate would be good. As an ewar ship it should be weaker than combat frigates but it’s ewar tends to be of no effect in small ship combat where as the other ewar frigates can try to use their ewar to make up for what they lack.

exactly my point… the ship is balanced, it’s ewar just doesn’t suit using it in an unintended role. buffing it just runs the risk of needlessly breaking it

Would you like to elaborate on how you think that could break it ?

adding any amount of extra dps will have multiplicative effects on these used in fleets… you know… their intended use

I see, so when I fly a few vigils in a support role for a stack of Artillery Hurricanes and they come up against a stack of beam laser Harbingers with crucifiers supporting them, the vigil having 2 drones would just be overpowered.

OK fair enough but I stand by my suggestion.