E-war Friates to be Invisible on D-scan

You don’t understand, the low dps is the draw back of brining these ships into a fleet and the vigil is not in a place where that draw back needs to be reduced just because YOU feel like every ship needs to be viable in solo

It’s ability in solo is not my entire point, it is substantially weaker than it’s counterparts which makes it too fragile for most situations where it would be useful. I mean putting low skill characters in it as something for them to do and it doesn’t really matter if they get killed, is a really underdeveloped role.

I have flown nothing but e-war frigates on roams, even when our side comes out the loser, i usually could have gotten away if flying 30 jumps back home wasnt so tedious.

Nothing wrong with e-war frigates showing on D-Scan, no changes needed.

Please no… I dont want to be Jammed out, Scrammed up, and Blasted into the next region without being able to see it coming.

You already can by t3’s recon and other nasties.

only the combat recons the rest have a delay when they de-cloak

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afaik, only Stealth Bombers and BlackOps get no delay penalty to targeting after decloaking

yes so the only e-war he listed that has 0 warning were the combat recons.

Cloaky ships have a delay when decloaking while recons have a delay between the time they show on grid and when they can actually lock a target… equates to almost the same thing.

something a frig would have a much faster time at

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The targeting delay after cloaking can be reduced with those rigs but I don’t know if those are useful.

But I agree with Lugh here, the electronic attack frigates are plenty powerful and don’t really need to be spooky. A Crucifier or Maulus is not less effective just because they appear on d-scan.

Except for bombers I think all T1/T2 ships have a targeting delay after decloak. The delay is not very long on covert ships but there is one and an aligned ship will usually get away before it is targeted.

Don’t tell them. As long as the ships don’t show up on zkill they will never now how the fleet found them.

Blops BBs also have no recalibration delay.

I think you mean Blops Battleships which I guess are T2 but don’t target especially fast

Sebo(s) fix that to an extent. I agree their scan res is lackluster, especailly for a boat built to gank things. But just the same, it has no recalibration delay.

I’d love to see force recons lose their recalibration delay, might give people a reason to hunt with them again. These days anyone that’s going to hunt will probably do it in a T3C.

From the hunters point of view

… its just the best scan res of the BB class but sure you can call that lackluster

Nah, the balance is right in this regard. Zero re-calibration on cruisers would be too powerful.

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