ECHO Corporation looking for a New Alliance Home

Echo Vision Preternatural is in search of an Established SOV Null Sec Alliance.

About us:

We are a corporation of friends which have been together since 2016. As a group at the time we formed a corporation, Defying Vision, in which we spent most of our eve time living in Null Sec under the Empyreus Alliance. During our time in Null Sec under the DYVN/Empyrus banners, we have lived in multiple regions of Null, had taken part in the Pfed War in the south, and in the end landed in Fountain. As CEO of DYVN and Alliance Leadership in Empyreus, I found myself and many others had gotten burned out. Shortly after landing in fountain and getting established, myself and many others took a much needed break from eve, leaving DYVN in the hands of a trusted friends and director. Upon our return, Echo was created, and we have spent our time in HS/Low casually building up the corp as everyone that took a break has started coming back to the game. We’re ready to get back to what made the game great for us, null-sec and the comraderies that are developed from those exploits.

What we have:

  • Both PVP and Industrial Oriented Players
  • Age Group: 25+ yrs old
  • Members: Currently 17 Members, and growing
  • Timezone: USTZ
  • Most of us can fly caps.
  • Currently using TS3 and Discord
  • Casual and No Drama Corp.

We are NOT interested in joining a HS Alliance, wormhole alliance, a lowsec alliance, or an alliance living in NPC nullsec. We want SOV Null and preferably a strong USTZ presence.

Feel Free to shoot me a PM or eve mail in game.

Thank you for your time,

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I’ll PM you in game, then send you an invite to our discord so I can talk with you there, much easier for me since I can talk from the phone :slight_smile:

Hi Almwen,

[LORDE] Alliance is still looking for more corporations to join us in Tenerifis. We hold sov there and are part of Winter Coalition. Plenty of isk to be made and pvp to be had. If you’re interested, join up in LORDE PUB channel or you can send me an in-game mail.

We also have discord so you can message me at MindlessPuppetz#0001

Let’s chat!

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Hey Almwen. The Serenity Initiative hold SOV in Tenerifis and are looking for corporations to join us.
So feel free to contact one of our diplomats.

With respect Aiden

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hey Almwen… ive mailed you in game hopefully were what your looking for

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Thank you all for the replies. I am giving all a fair look through. Still looking for a suitable alliance at this time, so if there are more, hit me up. Will continue to sift through everyone for another week or two.

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Mail me ingame

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