We are:

A USTZ based Null Sec PVP corp focused on Small Gang, Black Ops, Gate Camps/Roams in Low/Null-Sec. with a touch of industry back-bone.

What we Offer:

  • Optional Weekly PVP Fleets
  • Null Sec Oppurtunity [PVP, PVE, INDUSTRY]
  • Tons of experience to feed off of.
  • The non-stress atmosphere, casual but consistent optional weekly fleets of roams through Low/Null-sec, blops, gate camps.
  • New Bro Friendly.
  • PVP Fleet SRP program.

What we are looking for:

  • Those interested in small gang/medium size PVP out in low/null-sec including Black Ops & Gate Camps. Also those industrialists with teeth.
  • Chill personality & willingness to learn and get better at the game.

Additional Information:

  • We are a corporation of friends that has been playing together for several years. Most of our time has been spent in Null Sec.
  • We value fun over everything else
  • We are a new bro friendly corp and will help you learn and thrive in eve online
  • Veterans welcome as well.
  • No prior experience necessary just apply, join fleets, have fun.

Feel free to join our in-game channel: ECHO VISION

Applying is easy. Feel free to apply in-game, we will accept you and get you started!
Visit our discord:

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Hello, Saw your advert and just wanted to come by and say that if you are interested in joining into a PVP alliance that is self sufficient, give us a shout Orbital Fux

We have a great group of pilots. Hanging out and having fun is what we do. Check us out!

Check us out!

We do WH/Null sec/lowsec roams

Looking for some more pvper’s. Hit us up!


Feel free to contact us. Still recruiting…

Looking for more members…



Keep’em Coming…New Bro Friendly Corp.
Join us in building an even better tomorrow.

Are you a PVE style player that wants to learn PVP?

Come check us out. We can help.

Lets go!!!

BTW guys, regular fleets. If you want to go out and chase/get chased (darn cynabal gangs) join up!

Check us out!

Lets keep this going.

Back up we go.

Feel free to let us know if you have questions!

I hope those that celebrated the 4th, had a great and Safe day.
Still looking to bring in more members. Hit up myself or Mukali.