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We are:

A USTZ based Null Sec PVP corp focused on Small Gang, Black Ops, Gate Camps/Roams in Low/Null-Sec. with a touch of industry back-bone.

What we Offer:

  • Optional Weekly PVP Fleets
  • Null Sec Oppurtunity [PVP, PVE, INDUSTRY]
  • Tons of experience to feed off of.
  • The non-stress atmosphere, casual but consistent optional weekly fleets of roams through Low/Null-sec, blops, gate camps.
  • New Bro Friendly.
  • PVP Fleet SRP program.

What we are looking for:

  • Those interested in small gang/medium size PVP out in low/null-sec including Black Ops & Gate Camps. Also those industrialists with teeth.
  • Chill personality & willingness to learn and get better at the game.

Additional Information:

  • We are a corporation of friends that has been playing together for several years. Most of our time has been spent in Null Sec.
  • We value fun over everything else
  • We are a new bro friendly corp and will help you learn and thrive in eve online
  • Veterans welcome as well.
  • No prior experience necessary just apply, join fleets, have fun.

Feel free to join our in-game channel: ECHO VISION

Applying is easy. Feel free to apply in-game, we will accept you and get you started!
Visit our discord:

(Daedalus Prometheus) #2

Hello, Saw your advert and just wanted to come by and say that if you are interested in joining into a PVP alliance that is self sufficient, give us a shout Orbital Fux

(Almwen) #4

We have a great group of pilots. Hanging out and having fun is what we do. Check us out!

(Almwen) #5

Check us out!

(Almwen) #6

We do WH/Null sec/lowsec roams

(Almwen) #7

Looking for some more pvper’s. Hit us up!

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(Almwen) #9

Feel free to contact us. Still recruiting…

(Almwen) #10

Looking for more members…

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(Almwen) #13

Keep’em Coming…New Bro Friendly Corp.
Join us in building an even better tomorrow.

(Almwen) #16

Are you a PVE style player that wants to learn PVP?

Come check us out. We can help.

(Almwen) #17

Lets go!!!

(Mukali) #19

BTW guys, regular fleets. If you want to go out and chase/get chased (darn cynabal gangs) join up!

(Almwen) #21

Check us out!

(Almwen) #23

Lets keep this going.

(Almwen) #24

Back up we go.

(Almwen) #25

Feel free to let us know if you have questions!

(Almwen) #26

I hope those that celebrated the 4th, had a great and Safe day.
Still looking to bring in more members. Hit up myself or Mukali.