Up We Go!


Still Open!

Looking for Active pilots to join us in our goal to get back out to Null Sec.

New Players are welcome… whether you want to do some mining or PVP there is an abundance of experience to gain.

Looking for some more bro’s to join us. Hop in and lets chat!

Looking for some active pilots. New Bro’s are welcome. Vets also

Want to do some PVP with a bit of industry? Check us Out!

Even though we are pvp focused, we are looking for some industry brohs also

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Active Members
  • PVPer’s or Industrialist ( preferably an industrialist with teeth or one that willing to learn )
  • No Drama
  • New Broh or Vet ( makes no difference to us, we can teach )
  • Willing to chill with us in Null Sec
  • Wants to better not only themselves, but better the corp as a whole.

What we Offer:

  • Well hopefully you read the recruitment above.

Come check us out. Chill with us and overall, have some fun in the process.

Still looking for to more peeps to our corp. Check us out.

Keep’em Coming.

Still Recruiting Vets and Newbro’s alike. Hit Mukali or myself up.

We have some good brohs coming in. Still recruiting. Looking for Industry and/or PVP brohs. Feel free to PM me or jump in our discord.

Come hang out in Nullsec with us. A lot of active alliance brohs to also hang out with whether it be mining, ratting or PVP. We are a chill group, active yet more on the casual side. Feel free to hop onto our discord or pm mukali or myself in game.


Looking for more active members to join us. Participation is not required, however everyone in the corp enjoys hanging out and working together no matter what we are doing. Looking for New broh’s and vet’s alike. We are a US TZ corp. Shoot me a PM or feel free to jump into our discord.

Mine ice, shooting roaming russians, roam russian space, run squealing with your procurer from big red things, blops onto the other guy’s procurer and mine salt - take your pick. Alliance is small but I haven’t been bored since joining.

C’mon, you know you wanna.

LMAO, well put. We have room to grow, spots to fill, experience to share, fun to have. Come check us out. Jump into out Discord or hit us up with a pm in game. Looking for Industrialists, PVPer’s, New Broh’s and Vets. Team work guys, that’s what its about.

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