[ECLEX] Eclipse Expeditions, small space-owning nullsec corp starting on our adventure, come join us!


We’re Eclipse Expeditions, we’re a small nullsec corporation within the SLYCE Pirates alliance and we want YOU!

Here’s a few points to show why you may be interested in joining us!

  • New players welcome
  • Tons of drone combat sites
  • Welcoming and friendly corp leadership
  • Plentiful ore belts & anomalies; excellent PI setup
  • Moon mining
  • Null sec alliance that’s active with small and epic scale fleets
  • Corp Buy Back programs for both ore and loot; regular JF service to/from Jita
  • Endless PVP
  • Real life first - Enjoy null-sec with a more casual playstyle!

If you’re looking for a more relaxed nullsec experience with a great bunch of guys and gals, whilst still having the opportunity to go on small and large scale PVP fleets and operations, feel free to either join our recruiting channel:

Eclipse Recruiting

Or drop a reply on this thread and we’ll shoot you a message in game! Don’t be shy, come say hi and you might just find your new home.

Hope to chat to some of you guys soon if you’re interested in joining our adventure, and if not I hope you fly safe o7!

still looking for new people to join us! don’t be shy :wink:

I am interested in joining, even though I am new and got kicked once from another corp due to not having omega. So please accept me and I will help as much as I can

Still looking for awesome members!

shot you a pm in-game!

still recruiting! come say hi, don’t be shy!

still recruiting!! Come join the party <3

I’m interested myself will have to talk in game.

shot you a message in game!

Hey I’ve been in a nullsec corp before and looking to get back into it!

awesome! Shoot me a mail in game, we’ll have a chat! Love to speak to you

what time zone you are orientied EU or US. What is the status of PVP participation, CTA’s, deployments, kills per month etc.? If you are EU time zone oriented, how many online players are online and doing stuff?

whew, okay, hey!

EU and US

We have no mandatory CTAs, but we actively participate in alliance fleets and CTAs, so there’s as much PVP as you can eat, but nothing mandatory (most of the time)

We normally average around 6 or 7 people online in corp at peak times, but we’re growing fast!

Let me know if you wanna chat further in-game, we’d love to have you


still looking for recruits! Hit us up

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