Eclipse Innovations [Vastly Outnumbered] - Multiple Roles Open! [Lowsec][Mining/PvP]


(Horthgar) #1


Eclipse Innovations is a mining, industrial and PvP corporation with numerous key positions currently open to all time zones. We reside in lowsec as a proud member of Vastly Outnumbered (in partnership with Arcana Noctis with Shadow Cartel), where we mine moons and blow people up! Please visit our Recruitment Centre for role-specific information.

What we offer:
[✓] An awesome ore purchase program with great and competitive rates.
[✓] Access to both mining vessels and combat vessels under our ship provision program.
[✓] A lowsec home, with great lowsec moon mining opportunities ($$$) and PvP action.
[✓] Tax-free facilities.
[✓] Assistance with freighters and secure transports for the occasional large or sensitive haul.
[✓] An expanding number of member web services/tools, with more in planning and development.
[✓] Minimum drama, experienced leadership.
[✓] Leadership opportunities for hardworking and diligent members.
[✓] Officers and key members in a range of timezones.

Who we’re looking for:
[✓] Mature and rational-minded people with a drama-free attitude.
[✓] Tomorrow’s leaders in mining and PvP.
[✓] People who contribute rather than leech.
[✓] People with a can-do attitude.
[✓] Reliable people who can commit to attending operations when they’re needed.

You can find full details about our corp and which roles we have open by visiting our website at Drop into the Eclipse Innovations Recruitment channel in-game and say hi to our team!

(Aoi Kunie) #2

Awesome corp with tight-knit community and top notch mining!

(Rock Onzo) #3

Hey there Horthgar,

I ran across your advert on Eve Forums and noticed you weren’t with an alliance. From what I can see tho, you might find most of what you are selling is the same thing Warped Intentions is selling. With us, you would have access to lo sec mining, including moon mining. Not to mention, we hold Sov, should you choose to join us there. We have a multitude of options to offer. I didn’t want to divert your advert with this and thought perhaps a mail would be better. If this is something you might be interested in, please get back with me or our Alliance Recruiter, Epicishousness Padecain. I will add the link to our alliance advert for you to take a look at.

We hope to hear back from you soon.


(Aoi Kunie) #4

Best place a miner can be, Eclipse Innovations!

(Astrial Stargazer) #5

Sounds promising. Will find you in game.

(Aoi Kunie) #6

Looking forward to seeing you in-game!

(Aoi Kunie) #7

Come be part of something greater. Become part of Eclipse Innovations!

(Aoi Kunie) #8

Recruiting miners, both new and old!

(Aoi Kunie) #9

Tired of mining alone? Mine with eclipse!

(Aoi Kunie) #10

Venture or Orca? Doesn’t matter, join Eclipse!

(Aoi Kunie) #11

Eclipse provides everything you need in order to shoot rocks!

Newbro Searching for a Corp
(Aoi Kunie) #12

Recruiting miners, both new and old!

(Aoi Kunie) #13

Our ore operations ar expanding. Be a part of something great!

(Aoi Kunie) #14

Come join!

(Aoi Kunie) #15

Looking for friendly miners? Look no further

(Gaslight) #16

My army of alts is interested, out of curiosity what’s the closest trade hub to your main operations? I like to stay near Jita if possible.

(Aoi Kunie) #17

Eve-mail sent

(Aoi Kunie) #18

Looking for a growing corp ready to support your asteroid-breaking habit? Then eclipse is the corp for you!

(Aoi Kunie) #19

Don’t be shy, apply today!

(Aoi Kunie) #20

Seeking to increase your yield? Join Eclipse!