Ecm drone descriptions

How about fleshing out the various ecm drone descriptions?
What each item does is pretty vague in game.
Why force us to go to a wiki just to look something up when you have a description field that could do that same task.
I’m not entirely fond of the two letter type abbreviations either… TD - tracking disrupter, etc. Can’t that be expanded in the name?

I suppose you mean EWAR drones?

ECM drones are a subcategory of EWAR drones.

Seems pretty intuitive.

TD - Tracking Disruption
SD - Sensor Damps
TP - Target Painting
EV - Energy Vamps
SW - Stasis Webs

And then in the description it says; Light Target Painter Drone. And such.

And then in attributes it tells you how powerful their effects are.

Is the issue that you are not that familiar with the various forms of e-war in eve?

Yes - that’s why I feel the need to read the descriptions on each item… but just saying “ecm” really doesn’t tell me what it does… likewise for the other ones. I shouldn’t have to go and jump around on the web just to get a simple explanation of what the device does… what’s there now assumes preexisting knowledge. That’s not helpful when trying to decipher how or what an object does or impacts.
For instance, does tracking disruption break enemy target locks? Or does it just reduce your chance of being hit from a turreted weapon? Will it break a stasis lock? The description of tracking disruption doesn’t give a full or reasonable understanding of the device. It is making an assumption that you already understand all of the jargon already. The folks that know the jargon probably aren’t the ones reading those descriptions.

If you don’t know the jargon it may be good to read up on it. Most of the descriptions are very straightforward once you know how it works.

Knowing how it works is a bit more detailed than something that can be told just through descriptions. So if you want to know how it works, you’ll have to read anyway. :wink:

No, tracking disruption disrupts the tracking of enemy turrets. You know, when turrets are too heavy and slow to track your fast moving ship? It’s very nice to be able to live when the enemy can’t damage you. This form of electronic warfare can even turn quick small turrets slow enough to be unable to follow your ship while you orbit the target.

If you want to break enemy target locks, either apply ECM or apply sensor damps to reduce their targeting range to a range small enough to break their target locks.

‘ECM’ tells me and other players who know about ECM all we need to know. You cannot fit all this information in the description of the name. Read up and next time something mentions ECM you also know what it is!

I agree. The description wouldn’t do it justice.

The details of tracking disruption doesn’t make sense until you understand how turrets work. But once you know how turrets work tracking disruption is very easy to understand just from the attributes tab.

It’s the same with most of the other ewars.

So it’s not so much the e-war that is difficult to understand. It’s the actual mechanics of: sig radius, turret tracking/range, targeting.

Once you understand them, the ewar that affects them is very straightforward.

If it’s a quick description you’d like:

Target painting - Increases target ships signature radius.

Sensor Damps - Reduces lock range and/or scan resolution.

Tracking Disruption - Reduces turret optimal and falloff and/or tracking.

Energy Vamps - Damages enemy capacitor

ECM - Prevents enemy from making locks (chance based)

Stasis Webs - Reduces enemy speed.

Have i missed any?


Yes… exactly… now put that info into the item descriptions… that’s all I’m asking

Maybe… but you could fit the first paragraph from that wiki article… it doesn’t need every detail.

Fixed :trolleybus:

Stacking penalties are cruel

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Just so you know, EV drones aren’t stacking penalised.

Yep. They are just too weak.

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