Economic stewardship: Do you trust CCP's handling of the virtual economy?

The purpose of this thread is to ask: Do you trust CCP as the steward of the in-game virtual economy?

Please consider providing examples to underpin your answer.

Please keep all answers civil.

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As for me, I do not trust CCP as I believe they mishandle the economy to extreme degrees, especially if you consider how they have devastated the emergent market for luxury ships (unique AT ships). Due to CCP’s poor policy-making and mishandling AT ship prices have now been obliterated, along with the trust and wealth of everyone that invested in them. They are basically unsellable as their value as unique has been destroyed.

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At one point there was a real economist on staff managing the financial policies. Not that they are every a guarantee of a successful outcome (in a game or life).

But I heard that position was eliminated some time ago… :roll_eyes:


It’s their game, their isk, their PLEX and their pixels, I don’t see how my trust has anything to do with it.
If I pay Omega, I don’t trust CCP to open the Omega side to my character, I expect it or my money back.
As for the in-game economy, of course it’s mishandled and manipulated, it could not be otherwise, it’s a fake economy in a system of pixels regulated by a dumb AI.


It’s working.


It seems you are still mad that CCP announced changes to the availability of the AT ships that made the virtual price of your speculations drop in value?

This is like your third or fourth thread on the topic.

Get over it, speculations can go wrong. You expected prices to rise, CCP changed a policy, prices dropped instead.

That’s the risk of speculation.


And your post is off topic.

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My post is not off topic, this clearly is yet another thread to complain about how his AT ships lost value.

See his second post

Rather than owning up on his failed speculation, he’s now trying to rally people to blame CCP for his mistake.


So? He can complain all he wants and it’s ISD who will deal with his posting, unless you are ISD? Didn’t think so.

That against the law?


Just like Magni is allowed to make threads (and blame CCP), we’re allowed to respond in that thread and tell him that he shouldn’t blame CCP for his own mistakes.


You’re allowed to post on topic. Not make uninteresting comments about OP. That’s called off-topic posting… that why I flagged your post.


I do…

There is no real other option. The created it, they manage it, and CCP policies will determine how it impact these services.

If I had the market on mining mindlink in the past a small skill/mining change changed their prices overnight from 1bill to basically nothing. And this happens a lot. A small policy change or a big one can cost you 100bill or a trillion. That is the unfortunate risk you take in a game (and to be clear, it is a game where we do not own the assets) when a change is made.

What other option is there? None really… everything CCP says and decides is subject to change based on external factors and changes within gaming landscape. This is where the old eve adage of “adapt or die” is relevant.


I do

While I miss Dr. Eyjo to say that they stopped watching the economy when he left would be a mistake. It is just that we no longer have a face to put to the economy as we once did.

As for the OP he/she does seem a bit worked up and the expected happens. Pixel economy is what it is. pixels.

Although please also understand that I am an old man and kind of think nfts and block chain money are variations on old scams. My father taught me that ‘if it is not real, not held, it is not worth it’ ((but then he was biased, being a smuggler and all))



If you had ended that sentence with “digital” I could have let it pass.

The Basic Attention Token and its cryptic ilk demonstrates the anything that arrests conscious attention has value. Motives and the emotions behind them create value.

CCP is tyrannical in that it draws attention, and life energy in the form of fiat from its audience with digital assets centrally controlled by its person.

These pixels are pricey.


Bro. The amount of salt you have shed could have brought you an entire continent in ancient times.


It is on topic tho. Its ok bro, we get you’re a snitch :smiley:


Seems to me like they’re doing a bang up job. I keep hearing stories from other MMO’s about things like runaway inflation, item duping, and market fails where one party got their gold/items while the other did not. Seems to me like we have had it so good in Eve for so long, that many players don’t even appreciate just how good we’ve had it.

Also, this:


Maybe there are still people watching the economy and I really hope there are.

But the thing is, do they understand what is happening with it as well as Dr Eyjo did?

Yea I’m a snitch, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and I snitched on your post, too.

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Enough salt to replenish the salt lake in Utah. Keep bringing it magni