Economy driven player looking for Corp

Hey all - I am brand new to the game (7-10 days), and I’m really enjoying so far. I am a very economy driven player, having focused heavily on economy manipulation in other sandbox MMO’s, most recently Albion.

I would probably want to focus more on the industrial and production side of the game, but happy to try out PVP.

I’m based in the UK and looking for a corp that’s willing to take on new players, and to help me out with skill selections etc.

Edit: Based in Caldari space


The first thing you should do is train up the Magic 14 skills to level 5.

If you currently do not have Omega, please sign up if you’d like to participate in PVP. If you do not have a alternate character to perform money making tasks and or want to do capitals, please sign one up immediately and train the aforementioned “magic skills”.

May I ask where specifically in new Eden you’d like to participate?

Personally I prefer Highsecurity space, but make ships on the side just for fun.

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