Edencom Cyno Jamming

Well done you win docking up my Jump Freighter no longer hauling let me know where the next hub is when you finished the continue distruption in systems.

I have spent hours looking for better routes removing all low sec systems from the out route where the in route you cannot avoid low sec as Null has no adjacent High Sec Systems.
You are limited based on distance to trade hub, invasion systems and now cyno jamming.

Those that dont know its also random with no apparent warning and it also moves aka one minute system is free undock and now cyno jammed.

This part of the game is supposed to be minor so that I can fund more interesting activities however now it appears you are supposed to spend the entire day searching out a non jammed system only to find once you are in place it is now jammed.

If this is going to be prolonged them maybe I suspend my accounts and wait it out as I am not paying subs to be prevented from playing in the sandbox that was promoted.


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