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Just asking this for a friend :thinking:

So why testing out the lighting weapon in high sec we noticed the lighting chain jumped to an npc from the faction police at a gate. Nothing appeared to happen but our shop warped out as it hit the npc ,never noticed it before as i have only fired mine into a gank ball with faction police and concord all over the place and it seems to only hit targets according to my safety settings.

Just want to confirm that this is ment to happen if faction police get close to the arc but they don’t seem to take any action.

As you can appreciate it’s quite important to understand The Mechanics of these weapons so any help would be useful.

I think it’s strange that these near uncontrollable bursts of lightning --which cannot distinguish between friend and foe and will just as easily hit your enemies as your allies if those allies happen to be too close-- will magically be able to not hit allies when you change safety settings in high sec.

These chain lighning weapons will jump to anyone nearby, friend, foe, how is it surprising that they jump to a nearby NPC?

I’m more surprised that CCP changed safety settings from ‘something that prevents players from taking actions that they might not want to take’, into something that programs how their weapons behave, when they allowed these weapons to be used in high sec.

If you ask me, they should get the smartbomb treatment; allowed if your safeties are red and at your own risk of getting CONCORDED if you accidentally hit the wrong target. It’s silly that chain lightning somehow follows your safety settings in high sec, but unwantingly can hit allies everywhere else in the game.


Wait can you kill faction police and concord using this method without them fighting back?

I don’t know all i know it hits them, but they didn’t fire back , it hit allies and our own drones but not non flashy players.

Just worried if after sustained attack the npc police will get the hump and fire back.

Think its time for test server

Well safety controls there arc and who it jumps too by some future tech of eve, its not a true AOE weapon. The arcs are obviously looking for targets , we got around one problem by moving our sentry drones out of the arcs range .

I mean a friend said he did that :grin:

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I am currently neutral on the lore of this weapon. I wonder if CCP might add more lore to justify things like you mentioned. @Gerard_Amatin Has a valid point. The lightning arc is virtually an AOE indiscriminate weapon.

Must be some sort of AI drone tec that allows the arc to look for targets, after all it cant fire on loot cans and concord , so i have found out, so must be some sort of target selection mechanism active, maybe within the ammo its self , hence the price

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I guess it’s right in the price range of t2 torps and arc emitter ammo! Maybe I can see some advanced computer projections that guide the arc. :person_shrugging:

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