@Arisha_Moon the problem is that you don’t have any collateral and no history. there’s nothing stopping you from just taking the isk and running, in order for your plan to work you’d need to offer some collateral or get someone with a great reputation to back you. also pm me if you want to invest in t2 bpos

well, basically what you’d need to do to offer collateral is to contact someone with a really good reputation (third party) for holding collateral like chribba. you’d give the third party something of equal or greater value of whatever loan you want, and then let them hold onto your stuff and after you pay back the investors you get your stuff back. for example, if you wanted to get a 60 billion loan you could give an avatar as collateral, and once you paid back the isk and submitted proof the third party will give you back whatever they were holding.

just make it vice versa and ask yourself will you invest into unknown person your billions who suggested a hyped task on forums and got nothing in terms of collat other than words?

This probably has something to do with this falling through.

OMG i just realized youre the same person.

Why am i not surprised.

Terrible investment opportunity that sounds like more of a scam, created by the same person who had poor judgement issues with regards to who to trust with roles. Im glad i didnt invest with you.

Okay I deleted my post in the crime and punishment thread because I was just wanting to bust your chops for giggles, but I think ill actually be civil here.

You went into a thread making a pretty bad rant and showing that you had terrible judgement. You are now here asking for loans from people with the same character that showed to do such an action. You messed up with trusting someone you should not have. Does not matter when or how, but it happened under your watch. You play a game where criminal activity like theft is welcomed and even encouraged.

But even more damning than that is the fact you couldnt admit that this was your fault. You went and made a spectacle out of yourself with a linked name showing here. This may be a game, but people want to trust others that seem to have a reputation and being salty is not a good way for a good reputation. Mistakes happen and people do appreciate personal accountability.

Take with this what you will. I had considered investing originally(since I saw this before the other post), but I cannot. I can also bet many other onlookers like me are now thinking the same thing. Try to use forum alts in the future for things like posting rants and salty comments in other areas, dont make yourself a target(i mean you just painted a big target on your head from many I bet), and more importantly, just own up that you made a judgement error. Pride will get you in the end otherwise.

Anyways I do wish you the best of luck otherwise. Maybe ill reconsider in the future. Hopefully you learn that it is not the projects name, but your name that matters.

Wall o’ PLEX

Completely the same person.

Locked at OP’s request.