Efficiency scripts for target painters

Yes and missiles apply some dmg still to small moving target while turrets will apply 0 if it has transversal

  1. You made a decision to use missiles.

  2. Just because you feel there is a problem doesn’t mean there is a problem so no we aren’t just (paraphrasing here), “discussing the numbers of sig boost”.

All the rest of us are free to counter any part of your argument, you don’t get to confine an argument only to the parts you want discussed and only from the slant you prefer.

  1. My golem TP ranges to 189km is there some web that helps turrets at 189km because i have not heard of one. What you want is better than turrets have, to both boost at close range and to boost at long range as well.

  2. I rarely give counter proposals but how about two types of modules, one that boosts ONLY short range (a new module) and one that boosts ONLY long range (the current one). Now you have an important and significant choice to make.

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Explosion radius is not equivalent to optimal range. Missile velocity and flight time is your “optimal range” if you have to assign it.

Explosion radius and explosion velocity is your “tracking”, or better term, application. Explosion radius is the number that your target’s signature needs to be to fully apply, and velocity is the speed of your target that it needs to be at for full application.

Not necessarily. Rigors and application slots are just as valuable (if not more) than straight up tank if you know what you’re doing.

As has been stated already, missiles do not track. You know what the scariest thing is to brawl against? A missile ship. Once you’re webbed/tackled, nothing you do will mitigate the damage. Wheras a turret ship, you can gain transveral, do a tight orbit, feather grapple range etc.

Missile battleships are absolutely insane at brawling down smaller ships because of this. However, you fit for application, not max tank.

I fly torpedo battleships all the time (which many will say apply terribly). I fit application, i kill frigates with ease. I kill 1-2b isk T3 cruisers easily as well and i kill battleships normally in most cases. If you’re not fitting for application, you’re flying missile ships wrong. That is their trade off, no tracking , no cap, full damage selection (in most cases) at the cost of needing to use additional mods to get your full application.

Feel free to take a look at my videos showing this exact thing: https://youtu.be/uaNXlbCblgg (this is all torpedo fights, some against smaller ships and larger ships)

Another using an application bonused raven navy: https://youtu.be/w4BeyL-7kR0

I technically do sacrifice tank to make it work, but it sure doesn’t stop me from killing things that want to brawl me.

As to your OP, while i’d love a TP that does super high sig res bonuses for my torpedo battleships, it would break capital application even more. We’d have every dread with TP’s, carriers with TP’s, or a vindi/vigi fit with webs and TP to hold a target while a long range dread/titan pops it with no tracking issue.

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-1, OP’s lack of understanding of game mechanics, balance, tradeoffs, and their involvement in actual pvp have shown this to be a misinformed idea.

Can we also get efficiency scripts for ECM? Like, double the jam chance and half the jamming range?


if it will be something like stasis grappler (1 per ship) , you are definetly getting my +1 to that proposal

thank you for expanded answer. i’m starting to think that disregard of target’s radial speed can compensate signature problem in some cases. also, i saw your typhoon clip long time ago

■■■■ that, if we ever get scripts for ECM, I want flavour scripts for multispecs. I still hate how you have to rainbow fit a jamming boat to have any semblance of reliability in your jams.


Not if they want to run an NSA though :thinking: TP falls under EWAR.

As for the OP, increased efficiency on a painter wont accomplish much. Frigates and similarly sized ships have incredibly small signatures to begin with. You already will have sub-optimal DPS with missiles just from signature vs radius mismatch alone. Painters are more effective when your missile size is already much closer to your target hull size (torps vs BS, heavies vs cr/bc, etc).

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One per ship is not my idea, my triple painter golem needs to stay triple painted.

(now i remember why i rarely give counter proposals, someone always ***** them up).


Easy to work around with SEBOs (fun fact, some carriers have the same lock speed as battleships without NSA) or have an insta-lock huginn/hyena with the carrier to triple TP something with max sig scripts and get vollied by fighters. We can say the carrier wont be fit with the TP sure, but pretending cap pilots wont have a TP alt or dedicated TP support to erase subs is short sighted.

As to your 2nd part. Painters are much better at helping missiles to apply to smaller ships. Rigors are better at helping them apply to similar sized without using a mid.

However, what you dont take into account is lets say youre using a missile comp or rigor or a combination of the 2. If you add another computer, rigor or enhancer youre getting stacking penalties. If you instead use a tp, you get 0 stacking penalties, and in combination with your variation of rigor/MTC/MTE/crash now mean that frigate is taking nearly full damage from your large missiles.

A raven navy issue with torps and fit for application has a 150m explosion radius. Which is heavy missile territory. Combined with a grappler and 7.2k alpha, it easily swats scram frigs. With precision cruise missiles, you can get down to 138m explosion radius, combined with a TP, an mwd frig is now a cruiser, to which precision cruise will apply great to.

NSA is good NSA is god

oh hey forums friend :smiley:

I get that, I do.

However, if you can get your hands on some nice officer multispecs, a Rook will look a ton more terrifying than before.
Throw some information links on that Rook and voilá, your multispecs have a strength of 15 points each - whoops

The Rook is exactly how I want ECM boats to be. It’s a beautiful boat. It can tank and jam and DPS. None of them are exceptional alone, but combined they’re utterly terrifying. We had a fun little alliance tournament thing on SiSi once, and I brought an anci Rook… lost to an active proteus (pre-rebalance) that I couldn’t break (I eventually ran out of cap charges lol) but it was an insanely fun ship to fight with. The anci ofc has a long reload, but the number of times a jam would land and finish that reload before I died was utterly hilarious. The fight took so long that the Hel we were supposed to stay within 50km of suggested he might speed things up.

The only downside to it is that it pretty much HAS to be shield tanked… other combat recons can fit reliable armor tanks and be actual ewar boats with their mids. Not the Rook sadly. Which excludes them from supporting any armor fleet.

If scripted multis made the Rook OP, it’d be simple to tone down their bonuses a bit.

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I could still kick me for not going for those Estamel’s Modified Multispectral ECM’s when they were 400m each (was in 2008 in a contract)…

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