EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) for Invasion

Rabisu 6 high slot and ability to fit covert ops cloak.

I noticed a small bug, the Mid-Grade Nomad Delta implant seems to be missing from the database.

Thank you for keeping EFT going.

It has been one year since I have restarted updating EFT! A new update has been released with only bug fixes. Included are a fix to the PANIC functioning when projected to non-Industrial ships, a fix for a few missing items which had broken type IDs in the original EFT database (thanks Flash Morden and Nizami Ganjevi), and a fix for the category of the Rabisu (now listed under Limited Issue Ships, it was previously in the Cruiser category which failed to apply its covops bonuses properly).


EFT on its own uses the old XML API for skill importing. The XML API will stop working in near future.

I wrote a powershell script that uses the new ESI API for importing your skills and implants for EFT.

Edit: Use this instead https://github.com/Hirmuolio/EFT-ESI-importer


Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AgWVqwbPdG9eP_ZSKAD1iCMDSV2W2YyS

First you need your own Client ID and secret key. Go to https://developers.eveonline.com/applications, log in and create new application with following settings:

Extract the script. Place the .ps1 files and the folder into your EFT folder.

Open config.txt in EFT\powershell config and put your client ID and secret key in there.

You script is now ready for use.

Importing characters:

Run EFT ESI importing tool. By default windows doesn’t allow unknown scripts so you need to allow it.

In main menu add characters. You are given a login URL. Log in and copy the authorisation code from the address bar into the script window like this (https://i.imgur.com/vvDsatO.png). The access token is saved locally so you need to log in only once and the script will remember your characters.

In managment you can manage saved characters. In there you can see list of all saved characters and details on them. You can also delete saved cahracters there. It is not good idea to have same character saved multiple times.

Once you have all your characters imported select “Run” and the script imports all your skills and saves them for EFT.

Once you have logged in on your characters you only need to run the script and all your skills get updated.

There is also “Import only.ps1” included. This is stripped down version of the script that only imports the skills. You can use this to quicly update all your skills. It does not include any error checking so if something goes wrong try the normal version.


  • Requires Windows 8 or newer.
  • Uses some windows stuff for internet. You need to have started explorer/edge once for it to work.
  • Not much error handling included. If you put something wrong in it will do unexpected things. If it breaks just delete the config.txt and it will load empty configuration.
  • You info is secure. The script does not send anything to anywhere else than official CCP servers. I will not have any access to your API.

Edit: Updated to V2
Edit: Updated to V3
Edit: Updated to V4.1

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The EFT 2.35 links seems to be all dead. Here is a download link for EFT 2.35+lifeblood changes (I don’t have the vanilla 2.35 saved) https://drive.google.com/open?id=15aJi53hu5b5MqbC09ilSN8RxmjbBOZMj

EFT 2.35
825f7a8d1794d1409d9dd6a79e806a32ea3f67afe5e280042601bf772990eb05 EFT2.35.zip

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Is there an EFT character profile available for max-skilled Alphas post-update?

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Export one from EVEMon.

Not sure if this is just me being too literal, but I’m having a problem getting this to work correctly.

There is a discrepancy (at least, in the way I’m reading it) between your instructions in-post, and in the README.txt in-file. There are two .png files, two .ps1 files, and the powershell config folder in the download, right? The README.txt says to put the “scripts and the folder” in EFT folder. I assume (like your forum post says) that the “scripts” are the .ps1 files? What are the .png files for?

Also, when I run “EFT ESI importing tool.ps1” with PowerShell I get a pretty blue box, reminiscent of the old DOS command window, or the blue-screen of death, with no further input available. Did those .png files sitting in the origional extracted folder ruin something? Where do they go, and what can I do to fix?

Yes it is a comand line tool so you will be reminded of DOS.
The PNG are just to show two details that people would miss.

Place the scripts (.ps1 files) and the config folder into EFT folder.

Register application in https://developers.eveonline.com/applications as told in the readme and one of the images.

Fill in client ID and secret key from your registered application into “config.txt” in “powershell config” folder.

Run the “EFT ESI importing tool.ps1”. On first run windows will ask if you want to allow executing powershell scripts. To run it you need to allow them (Yes or Yes to All should work).

Now the script is ready for use.

Select [A]dd to add characters.
Log in your characters with the link that the script gives.
Put in the key (see the second screenshot for what to copy-paste where).

Once character keys have been put in you can forget all the command line stuff and just run the “Import only.ps1”. This just imports character without asking you anything (windows likes to reset the permissions so you may be asked if you allow scripts.)

I’m getting the PowerShell window (blue DOS-like command prompt) with zero information. Just a blank blue box. It automatically opens in Notepad, so I’ve been having to right-click and select “Run with PowerShell,” and I’ve been getting nothing popping up from Windows about script permissions.

All I get is a blank blue box with no text like the examples show.

Nevermind. Had to select the .ps1 file to run from the command prompt. Didn’t automatically execute upon PowerShell startup.

Hopefully better then EvEHQ (which forum archive advises)… Thanks for the viruses EvEHQ:

First, check again with virustotal.
Second, please move your EveHQ postings elsewhere.

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EFT ESI importer V3. CCP updated “get character skills” API. Updated script to work with this. The old version no longer works.

Only the script files (.ps1) need to be updated. You can keep the old config files if you have them so you don’t need to log in again.


See original post for details on what this does EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) for Lifeblood

Edit: V3 had mistake. V4 is fix.

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Is there a place to download EFT without having to use winzip as i dont have it on my laptop

I think windows 7 and newer has built in unzipping functionality.

If that doesn’t work for you install 7z http://www.7-zip.org/

All Windows versions since Windows XP are able to unpack ZIP archives natively.
Not to mention you do not need WinZIP to download anything.

Here’s hoping that the OP continues to update this.


A new update has been released, adding Agency boosters and updating Assault Frigates with their new Assault Damage Controls. A bug affecting the range of Survey Scanners under the effects of a Mining Foreman Burst has also been corrected.