EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) for Invasion

This is a re-post from my similar article on the TEST forums. (Dreddit is recruiting!)

I have been working on updating EFT 2.35’s data files, since I prefer it to pyfa and Osmium has been decomissioned. To use, unzip EFT_Onslaught_190623.zip into EFT’s root directory (the one with EFT.exe) and overwrite all conflicts. You should have new copies of the files in the Data/ folder. Since I do not have EFT’s source code, the version number and about dialog displayed will be the same as version 2.35.

Items included

  • Rebalanced:
    • Tactical Destroyers (but see Known Issues), Strategic Cruisers
    • Orca, Rorqual, Mining Barges / Mining Crystals
    • Assault Frigates
    • Fighters
    • Zealot, Harbinger, Muninn, Ferox, and more
  • Changed
    • Capital jump ranges
    • Tech 2 ammunition in faction weapons
    • Command Bursts (but see Known Issues)
    • Entosis modules, Warp Disruption Field Generators, and more
  • Added:
    • Sunesis, Praxis
    • Defender Launchers
    • Asklepian and Eros Stasis Webifier Implants
    • Phenomena Generators
    • Zero-Point Mass Entangler
    • Faction ships for Blood Raiders, Serpentis, Guristas, and CONCORD
    • Triglavian ships and modules including Nergal, Ikitursa, and Draugur
    • Porpoise, Monitor, and more

Known issues

  • Mining Laser Crystals, including Moon Mining Crystals, do not list all their skill requirements due to ore reprocessing skills are not included in EFT database
  • Sensor Dampener Resistance and Tracking Disruption Resistance on T3Ds in Sharpshooter mode and ships affected by the Electronic Hardening Burst do not work properly
  • Multiple identical bursts can be stacked on one ship. In EVE only the strongest burst will apply. You do not need to project bursts onto the original boosting ship, as their effects are automatically applied.
  • Abyssal Mods and some new event modules are not yet included
  • Drone Tuner implants do not work properly since EFT does not apply implant effects (even if coded in the data files) to drones
  • Some Alliance Tournament ships are not available


Q: How do I simulate Command Bursts on a fitting?
A: Set up the boosting ship with the right scripts and character skills. Then open the Projected Effects pane on the bottom of the target ship fitting window. Drag and drop the desired burst module(s), one at a time, from the boosting ship to the target ship. The effect will be applied regardless of whether the boosting ship is set as the Fleet, Wing, or Squad commander (since these are no longer relevant for bursts). This method also works for the Phenomena Generators.
Q: Projected effects are not updating! / Adding bursts has no effect!
A: If the source ship that is projecting an effect is modified in any way, any affected projected effects must be removed and added again for the changes to take effect. EFT will freeze the state of a given projected module when it is dragged onto another ship, even if the fitting or skills on the old ship are changed. For example, if a Basilisk is using a Remote Shield Transporter on a target ship with bursts provided to the Basilisk by a Sleipnir, and the charge type used on the Sleipnir bursts is changed, both the burst and the Remote Shield Transporter must be removed and re-added to their respective targets!

Found issues?
This is an unofficial update effort - some problems may exist! If you believe that you have found a problem, please post the problematic fit, EFT screen shot, and in-game fitting tool screenshot describing exactly which attribute(s) are incorrect. Please note that small differences on the order of 1% can be expected due to rounding.


Reserved for future updates


Nice work, thanks :ok_hand:


Works great, thanks for your initiative!


Wonderful stuff! EVE wouldn’t be the same without EFT. Ghost fitting is just too cumbersome for practical use.


Does Pyfa still exist ? :slight_smile:


Um…I honestly in my 10 yrs have never used a fitting tool. I guess 14k kills and 200+ losses shows experimentation is totally hip jack.

My best lately is the 1600mm syndicate plates…opens so many fitting options.


This was the only EFT thread I found here, so I ask, are you by chance planning to update EFT for the latest build as well?


In particular, the tengu-interdiction nullifier subsystem shows +1L in the subsystem list, but doesn’t actually add that slot when ‘fitted’.


With the release of the SDE, these files have now been updated for the YC119.07 release. Updated links are available in the original post.

NOTE: For the (1?) user (s) which may have downloaded this EFT patch in the last few hours, please do so again now. I fixed a small issue which could cause the fitting cost of remote assistance modules on a Strategic Cruiser to be displayed incorrectly.


You’re the man.


Looks like the base armor value for the Orca needs another 100hp to bring it from 6900 to 7000.


There is a strange behaviour of requirements to Command Ships like Eos. Ingame it has requirements Fraction Battlecruiser V and Command Ships I, but EFT thinks that there needs additional skills like Armored Command IV or Skirmish Command IV. Can you fix it?


What ETA of new changes for EFT?

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I have updated the EFT data files for the release of Lifeblood. Included are the new moon mining crystals, the Alpha ship rebalance, the Guristas faction capitals, and updated Marshal statistics.

Issues fixed include Orca armor HP (thanks Tvashnar Crendraven), command ship skill requirements (thanks Rimer Ashbringer), and a spelling issue in the Loki subsystems.


awesome thanks

Thanks for the update!

I encountered a problem loading a new API key.

I did everything you said (basically, copied and pasted files from your data folder into EFT 2.35’s data folder) and EFT launched fine. All of the new ships etc were all there, and everything worked just fine. Then I realised that my API had expired, so grabbed my PYFA API and plugged it in. I got an error message that basically said I could not connect to the server. I tried several times to no avail.

I then thought that maybe the problem was that this API was already in use, so I would have to create a new one specifically for EFT. I did that and plugged it in, and again I kept getting the error message when trying to import the character.

So I went back to the original EFT 2.35 zip folder, grabbed the files out of the Data folder and pasted them back into EFT’s data folder. Launched EFT and everything worked fine.

I then entered my newly created (Non-expiring!) API key and imported; it worked fine. I then re-did the steps to update EFT for Lifeblood and now it works fine and will import my character no problems.

Again, thanks for doing this! I love EFT

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just a small thing but would it be possible to set the reactive hardener to match the damage profile
its not a big deal but pyfa does it automatically but i much prefer eft to pyfa
would be helpful if its possible thanks

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Thanks for great job, but can you fix a problem with Cruise Auto-Targeting Missiles? Now present only fraction Auto-targeting missile.

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Yes please.