Egone journal entry - Karmakar. J

Joy Karmakar
Race: Caldari
Bloodline: Civire
Ancestry: Mercs
School: State War Academy

Log entry: YC122.06.12

It was just another mission run. This time, a security escort for CONCORD Research Battleship. It was offered to me by Hofstadter who was doing the run along with some friends but was a man short. Seemed to me like an easy one & I was running low on ISK, so I joined in.

We were approaching our third stargate when we got jumped from all sides, before I could lock on to the nearest target I got hit and everything went dark.

I woke up to a soft calming voice… It was a female voice…but kind of mechanical. “Captain, wake up” said the voice. “It’s me, Aura, your AI companion. I must insist that you wake up right this instant”. I felt all groggy and messed up in my head. “If you do not wake up my protocols dictate I initiate your Ship’s self-destruct sequence” Said Aura. That was pretty much enough to bring me back to my senses.

My ship’s interface was knocked offline by an unidentified enemy vessel; that’s probably why the AI couldn’t identify the enemy ship. Aura rebooted the system and brought it back online.

“I’m receiving a distress signal from a nearby ship…I suspect you were not the only one to fall afoul of that unidentified hostile” Said Aura. “Lets warp to the signal’s Source…they’re gonna need our help” Saying that, I activated the warp button.

The signal was coming from the CONCORD Research Battleship which was destroyed completely. Only the wreckage floating in space, no other survivors. Aura on her long range scanner found a hostile inbound, it was a Circadian Seeker drone. Circadian seekers are sleeper drones belonging to an invader faction known as the Drifters who are a threat to Eden Prime.

I unleashed my turrets on it and watched it getting disintegrated slowly into space.

The NEOCOM was up and running & Aura suggested that we should let CONCORD know of the situation, they are the law enforcement agency of New Eden.

CONCORD is looking for capsuleers to take care of the Drifter menace and probably some of their other dirty work, I don’t mind doing it as long as I’m getting paid.

The drifters are suspected to have been transmitting sensitive data to a specific location… In one word… Espionage. The task was now to intercept and destroy the seekers, eliminating the threat once and for all.

There were only four seekers in the area guarding the sentry towers to which the data was being transmitted… I was to take down the seekers as well as the sentry towers. I closed the distance between me and the nearest seeker, keeping it right within the optimal fall off range of my hybrid turrets. I was relying on my afterburners to creep up on them without getting caught in their scanners. The element of surprise is of utmost significance at this point as I’ve never gone up against seekers before… So I don’t know what to expect. I raised the railgun as I would raise a gun with my hands, I locked onto the seeker and like a sniper lined up the shot… ‘BAM’ the energised projectile hit the seeker with a thud, taking down it’s shield by a fourth of the total. The seekers were approaching me and I started to track the one that I shot, chasing it while going full auto on it with my blasters and bringing it down, the other two soon followed and the task was completed. Well, I settled the score for Hofstader and now he owes me a drink. For us clones… Death his just a temporary inconvenience.

New Eden is just a part of the never ending space… Several lifetimes are not enough to explore the entirety of it…that is probably why I signed up for the cloning program… The growing conflict among the empires & the pirate raids don’t make exploration any easier for ; but I wasn’t gonna let it hold me back.

I haven’t been a capsuleer for long… Still trying to get the hang of it. The learning curve is steep and for that I had to find myself a career agent who could show me the ropes. The career agents work in collaboration with many of the leading Caldari corporations and even with the interstellar peace-keeping organization, CONCORD. The agents get the small time errands run for the corporation by the trainee pilots who in turn learn the basics of various career paths and also get paid for their service. I enrolled myself in the ‘State War Academy’ in the Akiainavas III System of Lonetrek region & well…It’s time to get our warpdrives ready… The galaxy is waiting.

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