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Backstory: The Personal Records of Fariot Ellecon [PRFE] : Backstory

The Personal Records of Fariot Ellecon Entries #: 0001 - 0007

Entry #: 0001 - An Unknown Enemy
Entry Date: Monday, September 14th, YC 122
Location: University of Caille, Bourynes VIII, Moon 2

I awoke today with Aura threatening to pod me. I shortly found her snideness warranted, as my ship’s interfaces had been knocked offline by an unknown enemy. When the ship had been brought back online she had me investigate a nearby distress signal.

Unfortunately I arrived too late to help or identify the enemy ship. When I approached the wreck of the CONCORD Research Battleship I was attacked by a drone. This was my first real taste of combat. After I quickly dispatched the drone, Aura identified it as a Circadian Seeker, a drone used by the Drifters. Though I don’t know much about them Aura claimed, “They’re one of the few things all the Empires of New Eden Agree on; they are a threat to us all.” As A.I. this is obviously part of her coding. I should have paid more attention during my anthropology courses at the University, so further research is required. After acquiring a few Metal Scraps from the wreck of the Seeker, Aura suggested we head back to the University.

During the docking process, I began to wonder, “How long do other capsuleers take orders from their ship?” Moments later Aura brought my Neocom back online and suggested we inform CONCORD about the seeker. Maybe CONCORD had a hand in her programming. Either way CONCORD was concerned about the Drifter menace.

CONCORD had confirmed the presence of more Seekers at a nearby wreckage site via long-range scanners. They are willing to pay me 10,000 ISK for clearing the Seekers before they investigate. While fighting isn’t something I’m keen on, CONCORD’s investigation peaks my interest. Their unprovoked attack hasn’t shone a light in their favor, so if the seekers haven’t moved and the offer still stands, I’ll accept it in the morning.

  • Fariot Ellecon

Entry #: 0002 - CONCORD’s Investigation
Entry Date: Tuesday, September 15th, YC 122
Location: University of Caille, Bourynes VIII, Moon 2

Unsurprisingly CONCORD didn’t take any action over the evening and my curiosity was high, so I accepted the bounty. The coordinates CONCORD gave, led to the wreck of a Sleeper Enclave near the Ethernity Stargate. There I reduced a Circadian Seeker to just a few Metal Scraps.

Upon contact for my reward CONCORD informed me of another seeker location in Bourynes. They were willing to pay me a 15,000 ISK bounty for clearing this one. Warping to the location, near the Eglennaert Stargate, revealed another Sleeper Enclave. While this one seemed fully functional the only signs of life were CONCORD’s bounty targets, two Sentry Turrets that were being used to transfer sensitive data. Though I found the turrets an unworthy opponent, Aura must have believed my skills needed work. Immediately upon their destruction Aura reintroduced me to the pod’s onboard skillbook database. The database isn’t complete and the only skills I have downloaded are the ones needed to pass capsuleer training. Upon her request I downloaded Surgical Strike I, II,& III skillbooks to get a better understanding of my opponents weaknesses. They won’t be done until tomorrow.

The Drifter’s reacted to our meddling by jamming all communications in the area. CONCORD traced the signal to outside a Sleeper Engineering Station, not far from the first Sleeper Enclave’s wreck site, and offered me another 20,000 ISK to reestablish the comms. When I arrived at the location I was greeted by yet another Circadian Seeker. While this drone easily became Metal Scraps, I was momentarily caught off guard by the stealthy Seeker Eluder. When the second drone was also Metal Scraps local FTL comms. came back online.

CONCORD transferred my ISK attached with another offer. Their scanners had detected a spatial rift nearby. They believed the Seekers were attempting to relocate their operations and they wanted it prevented. They were no longer rewarding ISK, this time I would receive two Light Electron Blaster I and one thousand Iron Charge S. This was not a convincing bounty but I was too far embedded in this investigation to decline.

This spatial rift, located near the barren planet, Bourynes III, was surrounded by two rather large Sleeper Engineering Stations. I turned another drone, a single Seeker Pacekeeper attempting to disappear into the rift, into more Metal Scraps.

When I received my reward, in typical CONCORD fashion, there was an attached note. They were willing to pay me another 10,000 ISK just for slapping those turrets on my Velator. Little did I know CONCORD was just buttering me up for their next task. CONCORD had identified a site where seekers were consolidating and they were willing to pay 100,000 ISK to have it cleared. A deal that would have over doubled my wallet couldn’t be passed up.

This final location was somewhere between Bourynes IV & VI at the ruins of a Gallente Station Factory. While I made quick work of the two Sentry Turrets, I was glad to have the new blasters to help turn the next two waves of drones into Metal Scraps. The first wave to uncloak was a set of three Seeker Eluders, while the second wave was a set of four multi-spectrum resistance drones also known as Seeker Novas, Flares, Auroras, and Traumas.

CONCORD’s final transmission included the 100,000 ISK and a recommendation to visit the career agents at the University of Caille on Trossere VII, Moon 3. It would have been funnier if it read, “Get a Job,” but CONCORD has to stay professional. I preloaded the coordinates but won’t make the journey till tomorrow.

The investigation is over yet I don’t feel as if I still need an answer. I’m 155,000 ISK richer and my ship has been upgraded for free. It’s hard to complain. Though I don’t expect The Drifters to take too kindly to me in the future.

  • Fariot Ellecon
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Entry #: 0003 - Who Am I? What Do I Want?
Entry Date: Wednesday, September 16th, YC 122
Location: University of Caille, Trossere VII, Moon 3

The flight to Trossere was a few uneventful warps away. Once docked, Aura pointed me to the Career Agents but I hesitated. I was worried I’d make the wrong choice. What are my values? What did I want to achieve? I had accomplished the goal I dreamed of as a child, becoming a capsuleer. What was next? After much thought, and time docked, I came to a few conclusions about who I am and what I currently believe.

My time with the Acanittes instilled me with a great pride for the Gallente Federation, but unlike them I don’t believe we should push those ideals via militaristic might. Military should be used in cases of self defense and to stop oppression; like that of the Amarr enslavement of the Minmatar people. Individuals should forge their own destinies and express their ideals freely, as long as those ideals don’t infringe on the survival of another.

I am now more capable of forging my own destiny than ever before. This isn’t enough, I would like all Gallente to forge their own destinies as well. To that end, I have a new goal to achieve, I want to build a low to non-combat Industrial Trade Corporation. This corporation will attempt to perfect the pipeline of creation to sale of exploration, industrial and trade ships, modules, and rigs. This corporation will be located near the border of Gallente space so as to have the most chance of spreading Gallente ships and ideas. This goal seems far away, yet choosing the correct agent here will allow me to put my best foot forward before stepping into the CEO role.

I decided this rules out the two military career agents instantly. While the exploration agent wasn’t out, my main choice was between the Industry and Business Career Agents. With less hesitation and more determination I contacted the Industry Career Agent, Voenins Blune.

Blune’s initial tasks included mining Veldspar, acquiring Tritanium, and ordering the manufacturing of two 1MN Civilian Afterburners. While I waited for the Afterburners to be delivered, I started downloading the Industry skillbooks II, III, & IV to the ship’s database; this will help optimize manufacturing orders in the future. Upon completion of these tasks I found myself almost 800,000 ISK wealthier, and the owner of a free Venture, an ORE Corporation mining frigate, with an Expanded Cargo Hold attached.

I stripped my Velator and sent it to the junkyard because they’re given out like candy to capsuleers. I named the Venture, The FE Xtractor and fitted it with the Light Electron Blaster , Iron Charge Ss, a Miner I laser, and a 1MN Civilian Afterburner from the Velator. The Venture’s mining specialty would come in handy for Blune’s next task. He required Tritanium, which had to partly be processed from Veldspar ore in space patrolled by rogue drones. It turned out that the rogue drones were wanted and had a bounty from CONCORD so this was a win-win. I returned to the station with nearly double the Veldspar required to reprocess into Tritanium as I had forgotten the Venture had a separate ore hold. With the reprocessing done, I pocket another 200,000 ISK and a second Miner I laser. I had made my first million and could call it a day.

  • Fariot Ellecon

Entry #: 0004 - Industry Agent Blune
Entry Date: Thursday, September 17th, YC 122
Location: University of Caille, Trossere VII, Moon 3

The first task Blune gave me today was a delivery to a Caldari Administration Station, The Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices, in the Gallente system of Alillere. This was my first time in a Station that wasn’t built by Gallente design. It felt more mechanical and precise but something was off; it definitely wasn’t like home.

When I returned to Trossere, Blune issued a request that I manufacture twenty Cap Booster 25s. While I had the required Tritanium, I was lacking the Pyerite and Mexallon. Rather than purchase these minerals on the Regional Market, I used this as a chance to get a better understanding of the mining and reprocessing steps of manufacturing. I lacked the necessary Plagioclase ore and Trossere’s asteroid belt only contained Veldspar. Lucky a belt in Vittenyn, one system over, proved fruitful. Although the delivery of the Boosters didn’t take long I managed to start the download of Mining IV to the ships database. This skillbook should give me a better understanding of how mining lasers work, allowing for more extraction in less time.

Blune would require that I transfer The Boosters to a Federation Navy Assembly Plant in Vittenyn, after which he would commission the production of a Civilian Gallente Shuttle. The extra Veldspar from yesterday had come in handy after all. I felt objectively good about my day and thought about calling it a night, but when I contacted Blune about the shuttle, he offered me an interesting opportunity. One of his production assistants was a spy and had gone into hiding. I would need to lure him out as a “miner,” capture him, and finally return with the spy. In order to sweeten the deal, Blune added that I could keep the ore I had mined.

The spy attacked as expected, while I was mining Kernite near Trossere IV. It was revealed then that the spy worked for the Serpentis Corporation and the Coreli Initiate ship he was aboard had a CONCORD redeemable bounty. I captured him with ease as I turned his ship to Metal Scraps.

In Blune’s final assignment, he ordered the manufacturing of a single Navitas, a Gallente frigate. From what I had remembered, the Navitas was a mining ship. This was a perfect test. Deciding I was gonna do one better and deliver five, I set out immediately to collect the required minerals.

In order to fill this order I would search the asteroid belts in the nearby systems for ore. Even though this mining journey took me through the low security systems of Egghelende and Aliette, it was mostly uneventful. I did find two abandoned Hobgoblins while scouring asteroid belts. Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out how to turn them on. Along with ordering the ships from the facilities, I found the skillbooks for Light Drone Operation on the regional Market. With L.D.O I, II & III I should be able to get these Hobgoblins running for a little defense while mining. The downloads and ships will both be done tomorrow morning.

  • Fariot Ellecon
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Entry #: 0005 - Discovering Dodenvale

Entry Date: Friday, September 18th, YC 122

Location: University of Caille, Trossere VII, Moon 3

My day started with a surprise. While the Navitas were ready for pick-up they weren’t the mining vessels I had expected. Through inquiries to a facility technician I discovered that in YC 114 the Navitas was redesigned. The new design had traded the old mining capabilities for new remote repairing functions. I would have to deliver it to Blune either way.

The ship ended up being exactly what Blune had wanted, although he refused to take more than one. My payment for this final delivery was a Nereus, a Gallente Industrial ship, which is typically used for cargo hauling. This was my final contact with agent Voenins Blune. I had learned quite a bit about the Industrial process from him and it was now time to stand on my own.

I didn’t necessarily want to promote the use of military ships, but I determined I could make an exception as these were defensive ships and I desperately needed the ISK. I was able to find buyers on the Regional Market, unfortunately they were located five systems over at the Federation Navy Assembly Plant in Dodixie. I would spend the next bit of my day alternating between the multiple Navitas and my pod to shuttle them all to Dodixie. This endeavor was time consuming but Dodixie’s market is nearly unrivaled.

Before returning to Trossere for the day I spent quite a bit of time looking at goods on the Regional Market. My first purchase was the Blueprints to the Imicus, a Gallente Frigate known for exploration and scouting. I would follow that up with purchasing a Survey Scanner I, and the Reprocessing skillbooks. The scanner allows me to see just how much ore an asteroid contains and the skillbooks will help me achieve a higher yield on minerals reprocessed from ore. I started the downloads for Reprocessing I thru IV before making my final purchase, the Blueprints to Miner I lasers. The laser’s blueprints weren’t in Dodixie and would have to be picked up from a Caldari Trading Station in Vittenyn, one system from Trossere, on the way back. Though it almost wiped my wallet clean I knew these purchases would help lay the foundation for my Industrial Corporation.

Down to my last 100,000 ISK I boarded a complimentary Velator and made my way back to Trossere. My next goal was to peruse star maps and station locations for a place to build a corporation. I knew initially that I wanted to be in the Sinq Laison region, as it was both Federation space and borders the three other empires. After reviewing quite a few systems I came across Dodenvale. This was my analysis:

  • Dodenvale has a security rating of 0.7 and is immediately connected to a chain of low security systems ranging from 0.4 security to 0.1 security.
    • This environment will allow me to acquire most of the resources needed for my current blueprints while being relatively close to the corporation’s headquarters.
      • Megacyte, which is reprocessed from Arkonor and Bistot ores is found in null security and will have to be purchased on the regional market.
    • CONCORD’s retaliatory presence will deter most combatants, but not all, from attempting to push the corporation out of the system
  • Luckily Dodenvale is relatively close to quite a few trade systems. Dodenvale’s distance to trade systems by empire:
    • Gallente Federation
      • Dodixie
        • 8 Jumps, All High Security
      • Oursulaert
        • 7 Jumps, All High Security
    • Caldari State
      • Jita
        • 6 Jumps, One Low Security, One Triglavian Invaded
        • 12 Jumps, All High Security
    • Minmitar Republic
      • Rens
        • 12 Jumps, Five Low Security
        • 18 Jumps, All High Security, One Triglavian Invaded
      • Hek
        • 6 Jumps, Five Low Security
        • 12 Jumps, All High Security, One Triglavian Invaded
    • Amarr Empire
      • Amarr
        • 19 Jumps, Five Low Security
      • Tash-Murkon Prime
        • 20 Jumps, One Low Security

Though Amarr’s trade Systems are a little far away, this analysis has led me to believe that this system will make a fine place to start my corporation. My main goal being to produce Gallente exploration, industrial, and trade ships and modules and spread them through the other empires. Though I already recognize the future will require moving or expanding from that location as a perfect pipeline won’t involve purchases from the Regional Market. I will get the ball rolling tomorrow by moving The FE Xtractor, the unnamed Nereus, and all other goods to the Federation Navy Academy on Dodenvale VIII.

  • Fariot Ellecon

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Entry #: 0006 - Forced Pre-Corporation Liquidation
Entry Date: Sunday September 20th, YC 122
Location: Federation Navy Academy, Dodenvale VIII

The move to Dodenvale was delayed yesterday by a visit from one of the Acanitte’s sons. As a new capsuleer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick the brain of not only a fellow capsuleer who’s multi-years my senior but a friend that I revere as family. As he was just passing through Trossere our conversation mainly related to varying geopolitical issues and the future of the Gallente Federation. While his political stance was similar to his parents, his time as a capsuleer had shown him the devastation caused by forces of destruction. This direct experience with confrontation has left him with a more empathetic stance than most that self-identify with the Hawk Voter bloc. Having spent a majority of my day engaged in conversation, I deemed it best to delay the transition to Dodenvale through the night until the morning.

When the physical aspect of the move had been completed my first order of business was at the Federal Navy Academy’s Clone Bay. After meeting with a cloning representative, I found out the cost of changing my home station to the Academy’s Clone Bay is 100,000 ISK. While I knew this transaction would near drain my wallet, l reminded myself this was part of the foundation.

It was time to get to the real task on hand, as this corporation wasn’t going to build itself. After leaving the cloning bay I went directly to the Station’s Corporate Office Rental Headquarters. The management there informed me that while I didn’t need to rent an office to start my corporation, I would need 1.6 Million ISK on hand and I was required to be certified in corporation management. Baseliners typically do this via a couple month long course but as a capsuleer I just need to have the correct skillbooks downloaded to the onboard database.

One thing was for sure, I needed ISK. I emptied both of the ships into the hanger taking time to inventory my remaining goods. After cross-referencing my inventory with buyers on the regional market I repacked all of the unused modules, ammo, minerals, and ore into the Nereus. I knew already that I would be shy of my goal. Not wanting to make an unnecessary trip I hopped in The FE Extractor and warped to the nearest asteroid belt. The Hobgoblin training I’d done prior came in handy as I was instantly targeted by a Serpentis Watchman. A single drone was able to turn his ship to metal scraps allowing me to collect the CONCORD bounty. I returned to the station with what I believed would seal the deal.

Most of the goods were sold at the IChooseYou Market and Industry Engineering Complex seven systems away in Botane; with the remaining selling at the Federal Navy Assembly Plant in Dodixie. Having sold everything except for the blueprints, I had about half of what I needed. The second half would come from the sale of the Nereus, as I wouldn’t be needing its cargo hauling capabilities anytime soon. After using my pod to return home I was able to find the skillbooks for Corporate Management on the Regional Market. Wanting to be certified by tomorrow, I started the download for Corporate Management I. When I found it had a short download time I queued Drones II, Marketing II, and Marketing III. The Watchman earlier had shown me the importance of defense and Drones II would double what I have currently, while marketing will allow me to respond to sell orders further from the home station.

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Entry #: 0007 - E.T.I.E.S.

Entry Date: Monday September 21st, YC 122

Location: Federation Navy Academy, Dodenvale VIII

I woke this morning with unbridled excitement. I swiftly found the Corporation Creation forms through the Neocom but was caught off guard by the first few questions. What were the Corporation’s Name, Logo, Ticker, and Tax Rate?

I had given so much thought to what I wanted to accomplish and how to get there but had forgotten the name. After some time I settled on the name Ellecon’s T.I.E.S.(Trade, Industrial, & Exploration Ships) with the associated Ticker: ETIES. The Corporation’s logo would consist of a silver cogwheel with a light blue vignetting background. Unsure how the tax would be applied to my corporation’s members, I took some time to study what taxes were legal and Illegal. The corporation will only be allowed to draw tax revenue from members if they receive CONCORD bounties or Agent Rewards that total over 100,000 ISK. Neither activity pertained heavily to ETIES so I decided the tax would be 0.0%.

The second page required a description of the corporation, the Galnet address(if available), and a checkbox for the Friendly Fire Agreement. I’d start with the description, which reads:

Ellecon’s T.I.E.S.

Ellecon’s Trade, Industrial, and Exploration Ships is a budding corporation dedicated to producing non-combat ships, modules and rigs. ETIES was started by Fariot Ellecon with the intent of spreading the spirit of Gallente freedom and individualism throughout New Eden. While our primary specialization is in Gallente hardware, our focus is on non-combat diplomacy. In order to promote this focus all non-combat ships, modules, and rigs will be available for inquiry, although most won’t be kept on hand for purchase.

For all inquiries please contact Fariot Ellecon (Name Hyperlinks to Contact Information)

After the description had been written I declined the friendly fire agreement and Galnet website, believing a barely manned operation shouldn’t pay for a website. With the second page completed I submitted the forms. Instantly the corporation panel of my Neocom changed. I was a C.E.O with access to the entire corporation back-office. I wanted to do everything above board leaving the proper audit-able paper trails. This meant that while the creator of the business I didn’t own it yet. I would procure my ownership through the purchase of the corporation’s 1,000 shares for 150 ISK each. This “purchase” wiped my wallet nearly clean for the third time. A glimpse at the time revealed it had taken me all day to start ETIES, so I started the skillbook downloads for Trade III and IV to allow for the ability to track more regional market orders. Tomorrow I would need to evaluate my pipeline and start producing.

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Entry #: 0008 - Shuffling Papers

Entry Date: Tuesday September 22nd, YC 122

Location: Federal Navy Academy, Dodenvale VIII

With the initial funding for the corporation extremely low, a nil tax rate, and no material assets on hand I knew perfecting the manufacturing process would be important. I gathered the blueprints and headed to the Industrial Facilities. The technician in charge gave me some insight into how to read the blueprints. His knowledge showed me that while my blueprints would produce a ship, they could be improved to use less materials and be constructed faster. After reviewing the blueprints he would go on to look me up in the Federal Navy Academy’s Personnel Database. He noted that as I hadn’t worked for any FNA or Gallente Agents before that I would incur the highest station fees, although they could be lowered if merited through bureaucracy.

Having gotten more knowledge than I’d expected, I went to leave the technicians office. I was pleasantly surprised when he stopped me and handed over a laminated list of “Ten Recommended Skillbooks For New Industry Capsuleers” and their descriptions.

  1. Accounting - Knowledge of accounting practices will help you exploit tax loopholes. Typically Resulting in lower sales tax when selling things. Results may vary.
  2. Astrogeology - A better understanding of the contents of different celestial bodies and extraction processes. Typically results in higher ore yields. Results may vary.
  3. Connections - These skillbooks detail how to make the proper bureaucratic connections. Results may vary.
  4. Broker Relations - A better understanding of market related broker expenses helps to cut costs. Typically results in lower market order fees. Results may vary.
  5. Mass Production - These skillbook receive instant certifications that allow you to request multiple manufacturing jobs from the facilities.
  6. Metallurgy - Advanced knowledge of Mineral Compositions. Typically results in less time studying material efficiency blueprint redesigns. Results may vary.
  7. Reprocess Efficiency - Advanced knowledge of the reprocessing facilities. Typically results in higher mineral yields. Results may vary.
  8. Research - These skillbooks detail the most efficient research techniques and processes. Typically results in less time studying time efficiency blueprint redesigns. Results may vary.
  9. Supply Chain Management - A better understanding of the FTL network allows you to start facility jobs remotely.
  10. Social - Skillbooks that teach the art of social conventions and charismatic practices. Charismatic people tend to rise in standings quicker with Agents than those that simply perform well. Results may vary.

I thought the list could use a little formatting work but I was glad the man had handed me the resource either way. Back at my ship with all of my newfound knowledge, I needed to break down where the corporation currently stood.

As a solo venture I can do as I please with little repercussions but I prefer to do everything above board. In my opinion this means the finances of the corporation and any capsuleer, myself included, must remain separate. As an independent capsuleer I’d like to be an ISK multi-billionaire but I’d also like my business to be successful. Unfortunately the corporation’s lack of ISK wouldn’t allow it to buy the blueprints from me outright and even if it had the ISK, it didn’t have an office or a storage hanger. Therefore until more corporation members are taken on or the corporation has deemed it able to purchase the blueprints, I will work as a providing partner in this relationship. The agreement was:

The entities known as Fariot Ellecon and Ellecon’s Trade, Industry, & Exploration Ships (E.T.I.E.S.) have come to both a Mutual Manufacturing and an Asset Restoration agreement. While these agreements are not mutually inclusive, they are signed as if.

-Mutual Manufacturing Agreement-

This agreement entitles (E.T.I.E.S.) the rights to ownership of any Imicus Ships and Miner I Lasers delivered to Fariot Ellecon from the Industrial Facilities at the Federal Navy Academy of Dodenvale VIII. (E.T.I.E.S.) will pay all for facility and station fees pertaining to the sale of these goods. (E.T.I.E.S) will purchase all Megacyte required.

In exchange Fariot Ellecon will receive 50% profits on sales of the delivered goods.


-Asset Restoration Agreement-

This agreement entitles Fariot Ellecon to a 100% redemption on Purchased Platinum Insurance and Purchased Skillbooks via ISK reimbursement from (E.T.I.E.S.) This reimbursement will apply to only one ship until that ship is destroyed at which time another ship may be insured by Fariot Ellecon and reimbursement can be applied. This reimbursement only applies to skillbooks that can be deemed helpful to (E.T.I.E.S.) goals.

In exchange (E.T.I.E.S.) will receive 25% of the insurance payout and 33% of the profit on sales of minerals and ore procured by Fariot Ellecon. Fariot Ellecon will pay all for facility and station fees pertaining to the sale of these goods.


These agreements are to be re-evaluated upon the corporation’s acquisition of 15 Million ISK.

Date: Tuesday September 22nd, YC 122

Signature Individual - Fariot Ellecon

Signature Corporation Representative - Fariot Ellecon (C.E.O. of E.T.I.E.S.)

With the legal documentation finally finished it was time to buckle down, roll up my sleeves, and get to work. Though that would have to wait until tomorrow. I was ready to call it a day. I pulled out the laminated sheet and checked the regional market for skillbooks but to my disappointment they were all too expensive. Instead I looked through the books I had, to see what I could improve on. I chose to add Mechanics IV to the download queue behind the almost finished Trade IV. The Mechanics skillbook will give me a better understanding of all spaceship structural components, which allows for better defenses. I’ll dream of ISK tonight.

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Entry #: 0009 - Flawed Agreement

Entry Date: Wednesday September 23rd, YC 122

Location: Federal Navy Academy, Dodenvale VIII

I awoke today with the goal of one Imicus, two Miner I, and enough minerals ready to start a second batch. Without hesitation I boarded the FE Xtractor and warped to the nearest belt.

Although I expected the belt to be empty, I wasn’t surprised to find a Serpentis Agent and Spy floating among the asteroids. After my drones had dispatched them I started mining. Word must have gotten back to the Serpentis, as I was attacked by a few Initiates and a scout shortly after the Ore Hold hit 25% capacity. Not only did I score some scrap metal but I was also able to acquire 100 Thorium Charge S and 100 Plutonium Charge S ammo.

After my first full haul, I spent time reprocessing and calculating what I could take to Dodixie and Botane. I set aside what I needed for manufacturing and reloaded everything else. The stop in Dodixie proved its worth as the skillbooks for Mass Production were nearly 80% cheaper than in Dodenvale. I couldn’t let his deal pass. I scooped them up and promptly started the downloads for Mass Production I thru III. While in the ships database I also queued Drones III, Drone Avionics II and Done Avionics III. By tomorrow I should be able to use another drone and control them from further away.

Still in Dodixie I came upon a flaw in the Mutual Manufacturing Agreement. I had forgotten to assign responsibility for the costs associated with purchasing megacyte in the agreement. The corporation was supposed to pay for the Megacyte, though as I hadn’t written it in, there’d need to be an amendment in the future. For now I’d choose to pay from my pocket. I bought the eight I’d need to match my goal for the day and made my way home.

Now insured I was able to head in Low Security with less fear. Although it took me quite some time to find an empty belt, once I did things were quiet. Upon returning home from Low Sec, I found I hadn’t been watching the Corporation’s Wallet. It didn’t have enough to pay for the reprocessing needed to manufacture an Imicus. I would pay these costs as a 0.0% interest loan to the Corp. as I’d only let it happen once.

With the Imicus ordered, I went out for one more haul of half Golden Omber, and half Massive Scordite. I turned one Serpentis Agent and two Initiates into scraps and found 100 Iridium Charge S ammo during what would be my last ore haul for the day. The Imicus was delivered just as expected. I didn’t want the corporation to be in debt to me for long, so after ordering the two Miner I lasers, I loaded the Imicus with the Iridium Charges and some extra minerals. I was headed to Dodixie for the second time today.

Instead of returning home in the complimentary corvette, I choose to fly in just my pod. I want to recycle as few Velators as possible. The Miner I lasers were ready for delivery upon my return but I wouldn’t be selling them today. I went back to the industrial facilities, having noted the completion of Mass Production I, I reprocessed the ore needed, and ordered another Imicus and two more Miner I lasers. They should be ready by morning.

Listed below is a summary of today’s financial statements for myself, Fariot Ellecon, and the Corporation, Ellecon’s Trade, Industrial, & Exploration Ships. These daily statements should accompany each Personal Record Entry from today’s date forward.

  • Fariot Ellecon

Entry #: 0010 - Amendment

Entry Date: Saturday September 26th, YC 122

Location: Federal Navy Academy, Dodenvale VIII

Two Days! I was bed ridden for TWO Days! I’m not sure what I came down with but I was out of commission. Seeing as I couldn’t sleep the whole day away, yesterday I wrote the necessary amendments to the Mutual Manufacturing Agreements. I spent some time looking at the financial statement from Wednesday before coming to this final draft:

-Mutual Manufacturing Agreement Amendment-

This document is an Amendment to the Mutual Manufacturing Agreement Signed on Tuesday, September 22nd, YC 122 by parties Fariot Ellecon and Ellecon’s Trade, Industry, & Exploration Ships (E.T.I.E.S.)

This agreement entitles (E.T.I.E.S.) the rights to ownership of any Imicus Ships and Miner I Lasers delivered to Fariot Ellecon from the Industrial Facilities at the Federal Navy Academy of Dodenvale VIII. (E.T.I.E.S.) will pay all for facility and station fees pertaining to the sale of these goods. (E.T.I.E.S.) is allowed and required to purchase any additional materials deemed necessary for, or to increase manufacturing.

In exchange Fariot Ellecon will receive 30% of the ISK from the sale of the delivered goods, a 75% reimbursement on up to five purchased Station Containers, a 50% Bonus on CONCORD bounties as Hazardous Environment Pay from (E.T.I.E.S.), and the Option to Sell the Imicus and Miner I Blueprints at 120% of the regional market value upon (E.T.I.E.S.) acquisition of 15 Million ISK. This Option to Sell expires if not invoked prior to, or as part of the agreement re-evaluation.

While this amendment is not mutual inclusive to the signing of the Asset Restoration Agreement it is signed as such.

Date: Friday September 25th, YC 122

Signed - Fariot Ellecon

Signed - Fariot Ellecon (C.E.O. of E.T.I.E.S.)


With the paperwork out of the way I started the levels II and III downloads for the skillbooks of Evasive Maneuvering, Shield Upgrades, and Shield management. Completing all of these downloads should take me until tomorrow but should significantly increase my defensive shield capabilities and ship handling.

My day after leaving the station was not only extremely productive but also rather exciting. While mining I encountered Serpentis pirates quite a few times, easy scrap metal, but there were a few that were rather exhilarating. The first interesting incident was with a Serpentis Soldier piloting a destroyer. My armor took a bit of damage before my drones dispatched it. The second confrontation was a Serpentis Chief Patroller flying a cruiser. This patroller sent me to the nearest station for repairs twice before I was able to clutch the 72,500 ISK bounty. These attacks both happened while I was at Low Security belts in the system of Olettiers, mining Jaspet. The last run in I had with the Serpentis was at a High Security belt not far from home. I was mining some Massive Scordite ore when two Serpentis Spies and a Harvester warped to the belt. When I dug through the scraps I found 5,000 Pyerite minerals. What a useful find for an industry company.

The results of today’s productivity are shown below in the financial statement. Though I was able to produce a total of twelve Miner I lasers, I determined that I’d save two as backup for The FE Xtractor and the rest I’d attempt to sell as on the regional market over the next week. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to match this productivity level again soon, although I should wake up with five delivered Imicus ready to sell.

  • Fariot Ellecon


Entry #: 0011 - Goals

Entry Date: Sunday September 27th, YC 122

Location: Federal Navy Academy, Dodenvale VIII

The hanger full of new ships sure was a sight to behold. Unfortunately I’d spend the majority of my day revolving between Dodixie and Dodenvale to sell them. When the last ship sold I had completed a mini goal of mine. This goal was to sell ten ships in Dodixie. I figured this would allow me some starting capital before adjusting my strategy. The ship sales combined with some extra minerals had put the corporation over two million ISK. I was slightly satisfied but it was time to make a few changes.

I believe that the time I spend ferrying goods could be better used to further production through mining. While the mission statement for the corporation is to provide these ships to all of the empires, we’ll need to saturate our home turf first. Therefore all goods that are to be sold are to be placed for sale on the Regional Market from the Federal Navy Academy on Dodenvale VIII. If the sale prices are right this should bolster more business at home. I will start with a minimum of ten on the market at all times, of any item we manufacture in house, with ten back-ups ready to go in the hanger. Once the minimum is reached in Dodenvale, instead of piloting all of the ships myself, the corporation will pay for them to be hauled to a specific trade hub. Each trade hub will follow the same rule of ten and ten with adjustments for sale volumes. The order we will attempt to fill the trade hubs is Dodixie, Jita, Hek, and finally Amarr. Any other goods should be sold from home.

Now that my sales would be from home I could focus on increasing production. As production would now be bottle necked by my mining speeds, I took the advice from the technicians laminated list and purchased the skillbooks for Astrogeology. The downloads for books I thru IV will take a little over three days to complete but each one should help to increase my ore output. Eventually I’ll get a new ship and better lasers but this marginal increase will work for now.

The results of today’s productivity are shown below in the financial statement. The inventory section of the financial statement will be kept separate from these Personal Records. The new station filling orders and goals should see expected daily profit go down but productivity increase.

  • Fariot Ellecon


Entry #: 0012 - An Applicant

Entry Date: Monday September 28th, YC 122

Location: Federal Navy Academy, Dodenvale VIII

I awoke today to an unfamiliar light blinking on my Neocom. There was a single unread Communication that had come through the night. I was astonished when I read that it was an application from a Capsuleer named Isunen Aivo.

While Isunen’s application didn’t have much information it did state he was a trader living in Jita. I also got the impression that he had done his research on (E.T.I.E.S.) I needed to inquire for more information but first I needed to do my own research. A quick Galnet search revealed that Isunen was a rather new capsuleer. He recently Graduated from the Caldari State War Academy and had moved on to work for the distributor Caldari Provisions.

His credentials seemed in line with my goals but I needed to know how he was going to directly help the corporation in our early days. It might even be worth it to move Jita forward in the station fill order if there was a trader ready to make sales on our behalf. I was wary of his Caldari background but I haven’t encountered one personally that has done me wrong. His people were driven from their homelands not mine so what did I have to worry about. I sent him a return letter stating:

Greetings Isunen,

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Night,

Thank you for contacting me about your interest in joining (E.T.I.E.S.)

While I would be thoroughly honored to take you as my first corporation member, I have a few questions first.

1. How do you plan to help (E.T.I.E.S.) accomplish its distribution goals?

As we are currently in the beginning stages of our operations, I currently view any members added should be closer to a business partner than an employee. Someone who will actively work to further the wallet and productive goals of (E.T.I.E.S.)

2. How can (E.T.I.E.S.) help you?

A partnership doesn’t leave its partners or employees pulling space dust out of their pockets. We want our initial partners to feel a mutual respect for the relationship that is being fostered.

Thank You

  • Fariot Ellecon

I know that my questions put quite a burden on potential prospects but I haven’t even fully fleshed out how the corporation works yet. He might just want to be recognized as a representative of the corporation and I don’t believe we are ready for that yet.

Before heading out to mine I noticed that I had lost the two Hobgoblin drones. It must have happened while jumping between so many belts. Just as I had found them so must have somebody else. My need for defense forced me to purchase two Hornets from the Imperial Armaments Factory in Dodenvale. I would go on to lose those hornets within the first hour of having them. I need to get better at recalling my drones to the bay… Seeing as there weren’t anymore Hornets in the system I purchased two Hobgoblins. Hopefully I don’t forget these ones.

The results of today’s productivity are shown below in the financial statement. The slow in profitability is obvious after one day, although Inventory is at an all time high. Tomorrow should be more profitable as we start to fill the station’s regional market.

  • Fariot Ellecon


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When will you be updating this? (I enjoyed reading it)

Guys probably dead. Hasn’t updated in almost a month and hasn’t replied to an in game message I sent a month ago

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