Report O-49 "Misteries of a Unknown Past" 01/08/YC22

"The universe is as vast and deep like a ocean, and inside is filled with misteries we do not understand.
Something about the EvE gate terrifies me, maybe there lies our salvation, or our inevitable doom. But what I know is that sooner our later the truth will be unfolded.

We are just fish in a tank, and someday our tank will crack, then we’ll know the secrets of the ocean and the last answer"


(This news publication have been approved by The Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation, with the laws of free speech and news, getting this article delayed by a year)

The authorities of the Amarrian Systems detected today a never seen anomaly near the Jovian Laboratory on New Eden.

A unknown ship wreck was found on orbit of the laboratory, the model was unidentified and all the record that ever had we’re deleted, destroyed or stolen. Concord has speculated about being a newly designed Sansha ship.


And the salvaging operation found a surprise after detecting life signs on what is supposed to be a escape pod.


From the pod was recovered the body of a still living human. It is still unknown where it came from, but the doubts caught around the Gallente Federation after being blamed as a fear tactic.
The claims haven’t been appealed yet.

The specimen as been sent to the Federation.

The specimen is being us@× $/+ @?£{!₩£`/

This as been The Scope, with the news of today.


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