Eject from ship and ship goes boom. How to prevent?

So I haven’t had it happen because I’m terrified of the possible result. But my simple question is.

When I’m about to eject from my ship, how can I be SURE it won’t go explode?

Thanks !

It depends how damaged your ship is.

Your skills determine you armor, hull and so on. If your head adds 5% something on your HP and you have little to none HP on ship left, if you eject it will go pop. Ships don’t automatically explode when you eject. your total HP needs to be low enough for you skills to have impact on it.

Other than that you can eject without worrying bout your ship exploding.

On another note, if somebody else is shooting at your ship and you eject… your still going to loose your ship.

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Ok so if I’m just trying to jump out of a ship that’s not being attacked and brand spanking new to give to another pilot, the ship will be fine.

Perfect! Just working out a Hel sitter and other ship trading funnest.

Thank you !

yes the ship will be fine but ANYBODY will be able to board into the empty ship as soon as you leave it, so be careful


So don’t do it right after undocking from jita, got it! Lol

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Depending on the situation you could just transfer the ship to the other pilot with a direct trade in a station - or a contract if you are a little less trusting.

If an empty ship is being targeted it will prevent anyone but the owner from boarding it.

yes you are right

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