Undock and jump carrier in nuet keeperstar

So i quit the game and came back 4 years ago now im in a carrier in a neutral keeper star i cant access clone bay or anything to sell anything so i got all my crap backed. my pla is to log on during low number Eu time my Question: can i cyno as soon as i exit to a beacon without getting scrammed and nueted as soon AS i undock?

depending on how ready people are for you to undock, you might be able to use the element of surprise to your advantage to jump out. from their side, they’ll see a neutral carrier undock, and some of them might be thinking “wait, what’s going on? where’d that come from?” and in those 2 seconds of hesitation, you might have a window of escape.

even the most aggressive pilots i know will be taken aback for at least a second and “TACKLE THAT CARRIER THAT JUST UNDOCKED” wouldn’t be the first thing on their mind.

but even then, it’s a bit of a risk. better if you can get outside eyes.

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Can’t you “look outside” when you are in a citadel? I think there is a button for that.

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Now it’s been awhile but I’ve done a ton of JF hauling back in the day. This was also pre-citadel so I don’t know if citadels are different.

That being said, in general you should be able to jump away easily as long as the exit isn’t bubbled. When you undock as long as you don’t touch anything you have a period of invulnerability. At this time you cannot be targeted, and therefore cannot be scrammed or neuted. During this time however you can click and choose jump.

I have jumped from many LS camped stations without issue. 0.0 was different as I’ve had to wait until the undock wasn’t bubbled.

The main issue for you is you need to get it right the first time since I’m guessing you won’t have the ability to re-dock. As long as the undock is clear and you have your cyno ready you should get out fine.

Oh man, I hate to give this one up. If you take command of the station before undocking and look around, when you go to undock, you will undock faster because the server already has you as on the outside? I don’t know, I just undock faster…

@MB_ThePhotographer what have you done! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I don’t know how I let that one slip. To many :beers: I guess. And in the warfare-tactics thd no less. This has to be the most dead thd in the forums! :smile:

you are aware, OP, that you can just send it to asset safety and get it in the nearet npc station in low sec?

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I am now. I did not know they added that im going to have to relearn everything

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