Electronic warfare (4) problem on description for required for + Jury rigging description

Hello ! I am a new character inside old hands… I am spending time to check every skills i need because i am a new toon and i’ve notice something weird :slight_smile:

If you check Electronic warfare required for rank 4, under drones you have only 2 drones, the jammers medium and heavy, the hornet ec-300 is missing, or ! A lot of utility drones are misssing too. There is a problem.

If you check Drones at 5 and you see what it will unlock, you got all utility drones. Acolyte Td-300 requires electronic warfare 4 too. Or you have to remoove the 2 drones under drones category on electronic warfare 4… Because a new player won’t understant this…

Another question is about rigs skills. Does jury rigging decrease side effects for Engineering rigs ? if yes, plze writte it under jury rigging skills --> attributes If i check it right now, for me jury rigging is only interresting at 3 to unlock other rigs skills and for industry, for the craft. If they help to reduce any drawback, well, I won’t know and maybe i will change my skills priority or even fail to earn a maybe interresting bonus about drawback.

Thank you !!! :heart:

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