Jury Rigging V

Is there a point? I appear to have all the skills unlocked at 3, and I don’t see any bonus when i hover over it.

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Any of the rigging skills, just lower the penalty that is given when using rigs.

That’s true of all the skills except jury rigging. It unlocks the other skills at 3, and has no use at 4 and 5.
*Other than unlocking production of cap t2 rigs at 4, and rigs for t3’s at 5.

Well the point then would be if you plan on flying T3C’s train it to V, otherwise leave it at 3.

Yeah, I was originally asking because I didn’t take the time to remove 2 skills from my training queue to see what I’d gain, if anything.
Then Xeux answered, and I took the time to place the skills to see the benefit.
I promptly removed them and replaced the more useful skills.

except anything related to caps, i had all my rigging skills to V because why the hell not when i had a vet telling me what to train… never really paid attention to what IV and V did for jury rigging apparently 10 years ago.

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