Rigs and Rigging Skills

I am cutting it close on CPU/Power Grid for certain fits and was looking to up some skills to help. Most of the important skills are already at V. I started looking at my rigs and noticed that those skills have been fairly neglected.

Which rigging skills can I raise to boost that up?

That depends entirely on your ship and what rigs you put on. For example:

Take a regular standard Brutix with 2x medium armor repairers and 2x medium auxiliary nano pump I rigs and one medium hybrid collision accelerator rig.

Now you would need to train armor rigging to level 5 and hybrid weapon rigging to level 5 to get the least possible penalty, which in both cases is increased powergrid needs for local armor reps and the railguns or blasters you put on.

But train jury rigging only to level 4 since there is no reason to ever train it to level 5 at all.

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I missed the most important thing, the rig I am wondering about is the small processor overclocking unit I. I don’t see which rigging skill might make it perform better?

This one is fixed at a 5% penalty. No skill book will influence it.

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Fitting wise a rule of thumb that I use: Most weapon rigs increase either cpu or pg needs. Armor repair rigs increase pg.

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You can also look at the Engineering implants to help. EG-60x for power and EE-60x for cpu. Sometimes all you need is a +2 or +3 to make a fit work, until you can bring your Engineering skills up.

They are the same implant slot so you can’t use both.


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