Whats the deal with rigging? Ok that’s a pretty wide subject; I’m guessing that rigs are something that get added to your ship permanently that will help it in some way, based on whatever the rig does.

Are there rigs for each career? That is, gigs for fights, rigs for exploring, rig for mining etc?

How do I get or build rigs? Do I just buy them or find blueprints or do i need some sort of skill?

I have a ton of crap I got from relic sites and combat anomalies. Someone said i eventually can use them to build rigs. Should I hold onto or sell that stuff?

Also, off topic, do you usually get about the same “stuff” form relic sites and combat anomalies (scanning wrecks)?


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Rigs are basically a buff for your ship. They are permanent, if you remove the rig (or repackage ship) it gets destroyed. You can buy rigs on the market or manufacture them from blueprints and salvage items such as Fried Circuit Boards etc.

There are many different types to buff things like CPU, Cap, Power, scanning, agility, turret rate of fire, missiles … take a look on the market and do show info on each to see what it does.

Rigs basically make your fitting more specialised.



Rigs may suffer from stacking penalties if you use multiple rigs.

They also can suffer from downsides, which can be reduced by training the appropriate rigging skill.

Some rigs enhance modules very well (because they are %based), like trimark armor pump rigs + plate armor modules, or core defense shield extender rigs + shield extender modules. A ship fitting tool will do the math for you, whether in-game or 3rd party. Pyfa is a very common fitting tool: https://github.com/pyfa-org/Pyfa/releases

Lastly, there are T1 and T2 variants for each rig. To build them will require T1 or T2 blueprints (or copies) and T1 or T2 salvage accordingly. If you are interested in trying building, you can start out by buying a blueprint copy (BPC) from in-game contracts. Search available contracts for the one you want. In your Neocom Menu->Finance->Contracts. ALWAYS read contracts carefully before accepting!

Remember, Google is your friend! There are many helpful sites and videos out there!


T3 Cruisers are the only ships whose rigs can be removed without destroying them, essentially treating them as if they were modules. This is one of the reasons why T3 cruisers are seen as the ultimate “generalizable ship”: each T3C has 81 possible subsystem configurations, which can change at any time since subsystems themselves are modular, and the rigs can change alongside them.


Be aware that most rigs also have a negative effect: Shield rigs increase the sig radius, other rigs need CPU or Power or make you slower. By skilling the related rigging skill, you can decrease that downsides though.
There are plenty of rigs, they should match your fitting (e.g. shield for shield fitted ships), but in the end you can just fit what you want, as long as you don’t exeed your “calibration points” (= rig size, you can’t fit three gunpower rigs because of that for example).

Combat site wrecks only contain damaged salvage, afaik. In relic sites you also get intact and ancient salvage materials. Some are valueable, some are cheap. You can always buy them on market; if you want to build rigs, think about a buy order.

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as suggested by others
use google
“eve rigs”
first link: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Rigs

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