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What exactly are “rigs” and how do I find them in the Marketplace?

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Rigs are fixed, non-reusable modifcations. Once installed in a ship or structure, you cannot remove them without destroying them. Like modules, they provide certain bonuses but also have drawbacks. Rigs are listed under Ship Modifications.

You better start memorizing the names of common rigs like “trimark” for Trimark Armor Pump, or Core Defense Field Extender, or “poly” for Poly-Carbon Engine Housing. If you enter these terms in the search box, you will find what you are looking for a lot faster and easier than through navigating through the market categories.


In addition to the previous post, in the marketplace, they appear as the “ship modification” category.

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In addition to the two good responses above, the Eve University article gives a good overview of what all the rig options are:

As always:
Having a good idea of what you are designing the ship to do (run missions, fight at range, brawl, tackle, evade and so forth) gives focus to how you rig and fit it.


Thank you all for your advice. I greatly appreciate it.

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