Little things about skills

  • shield upgrades: doesn’t mention ‘per skill level’
  • jury rigging: lvl V isn’t a requirement for anything, nor does jury rigging provide any bonus per level. Unless lvl V is used in industry somewhere I don’t know, jury rigging V is useless atm. Suggestions:
    a) +5 / +10 rig calibration per level (upsetting the meta a little bit, always a good thing).
    b) universal reduction of rig drawbacks (1%-2% per level or a multiplier for the other rigging skills?)
  • fast talk: doesn’t mention ‘per skill level’
  • neurotoxin control: could use a less ambiguous description too.
  • Unlike Advanced Industrial Ship Construction and the likes, many industrial and science skills like “Outpost Construction” and “Capital Ship Construction” or “Amarr encryption methods” and “Sleeper technology” don’t get a bonus, don’t have a description explaining their use properly, nor do they show what they’re required for.

Got any more? Let us know.

Jury Rigging V is a requirement for T3 subsystem manufacturing.

There’s quite a few skills like that, especially in resource processing and manufacturing, where they don’t unlock module or a skill but unlock an ability to do something.


Yes, but the blueprints are usually added to the “required for” tab, it would be nice if there was consistency for skills across the board.

Edit: Thanks CCP! @CCP_Convict

Fixed the content of the “Required For” tab for a bunch of skills, which are needed for manufacturing blueprints. – January 2020 Patch notes

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