Rig skill injection problem

It seems that you cannot inject the skill “hybrid weapon rigging” without first training “jury rigging” to level 3.

Of course I am aware you cannot begin to TRAIN the skill until reaching level 3, but you should be able to INJECT the skill so as to add it to the skill queue so it will train AFTER jury rigging has reached lvl 3 automatically.

Sorry if this has been previously reported. I did search but found nothing.

Edit: There is something up with this. It seems it does register but it does not appear in the skill queue perhaps until you restart the EVE client. Not sure, but something is definitely off. The skill book would just not inject, or seemed not to.

Injecting alone only unlocks the skill for training. It will be unlocked in the relevant skills section but will still need to be manually added to the skill training queue.

I think there’s an alternative option on the righrt click menu for a skill book to ‘Inject and begin training’ which should (from the sound of it) add the skill directly to the queue, but just injecting isn’t intended to work that way.

Injecting is just unlocking.

I know all of that.

But the skill would not inject. In other words it would not unlock. The skill book is still sitting there. Worse, since it didn’t inject/unlock, the skill queue could not be properly set up, or at least, it did not appear it did. Since it would not be added to the available skills, you could not manually drag it down into the skill queue.

In fact, now for some reason I can see that the skill is injected, but skill book is still present.

It’s because you had already injected it (or been granted it) and you can’t inject it again.

There is no problem here. Working as intended.

Possibly. I was not really paying attention. But something was definitely wrong with the queuing.

I tried it on a little used ALT and everything worked fine. Thing is, there were no skills in training at the time. Something is wrong, but I don’t have the resources to pinpoint it.

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