Eliminate or subsidize PI command center rocket fees in Pochven

Goal: Incentivize more people to journey into Pochven space with lure of covert PI extraction.

Alternative Lore: Edencom is attempting to subvert power from Triglavian forces in Pochven by helping connect Capsuleers to underground resistance cells to bypass established customs office infrastructure likely held by Triglavian sympathizers.

Proposal 1: Simple
Flat elimination of 50% lanch fees down to 0%. Launch size constraints and cooldown timers still remain. Partial subversion of need for pocos by established entities, however rocket launches cannot send items down to planet and (while reduced) there is still opportunity to be combat probe on a launch container.

Proposal 2: More complex development
Keep or raise 50% launch fees and incorporate a randomized ‘blue loot’ drop of Edencom resistance data logs. These data logs can be redeemed for ISK in Edencom home systems. The randomized blue loot drop value may over time cover fees for launches. Potential integration with Edencom standings for better odds of high blue loot drops within PI rocket launch cans.

Risks: Despite being PI being an Omega only activity, launch size constraints, and rocket re-use delays there is potential to game a blue loot drop system in this way if items are sent backs down by a poco. Then again it’s potentially more people in space at containers/pocos and devs can tweak the rng drop elements.

PI is an absolute rip. When I worked out it was more expensive for me to ship stuff to the planet than I would make processing it, I gave up on it.

Surely that’s just a terribly priced POCO. PI makes pretty good passive income even if it is very tedious.


The intention is to follow the accessible danger of Triglavian ore fields in Pochven. Anybody can mine that ore (great mix of all types of ore, particularly noxcium). Coordinated groups can better take advantage however there is room for solo/covert operations within the deadspace mechanics of those sites.

Poco control and combat is currently a mixed bag of structure grind and tax protectionism particularly amongst a ‘blue triangle’ of Pochven occupants. Current transaction logs of whom pulls PI up the well can also make solo/covert operations for PI extraction unfeasible.

Large entities should still be able to reap the benefits of poco control in Pochven, however I see opportunities to carve out a niche with the command center launch mechanics that may bring more people into Pochven space.

The incentive already exists and is monetary.

More people are inclined to use a poco (and pay taxes!) if the prices are set reasonably.

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