Elite Navy Ships

It seems a bit odd to me that the only thing navy related for condensers to be used in, is the navy dreads. To rectify this, I propose a line of elite navy ships (in line power level wise with the pirate ships.)

will use pirate numbers for minerals and components, however will use 2x the racial number of trigger units.

ex: elite fed navy comet
pirate mineral levels
2x S-R Triger Neurolink Conduit
12x Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal
6x Life support Backup Unit

add either base ship speed or afterburner per level bonus to racial bonus
move damage bonus to the new role bonus
add the ability to use assault damage controls to role bonus

image for reference:

Alternatively, this effect could be provided by a rig that only can be fit to the appropriate navy ship. Will change ship bonuses and stats when applied and will require the appropriate ship components to assemble.

Doing so will also change the ship state from navy to advanced for militia complex purposes.