Navy Ships

So recently I got talking with a few people about Navy ships, their roles and uses. While for the most part navy ships are fine there are a few instances and a few things that were brought up.

Please note the purpose of this, is to bring navy ships into more common use in pve and pvp.

The first instance is the Navy Mega. Currently for the mid range bs between the T1 and T2 you have a Navy Mega and a Vindicator. Both are priced about the same, but… There is no real benifit to owning a Navy Mega, when the Vindicator is a better option. So what needs to be changed? Do we need to lower the price on the Navy to bring it in line with it’s usefulness? Maybe give it a 3rd bonus to bring it in line with other faction ships?

Imperial Navy Slicer - Does it really need 5 lows? A 3rd mid would be better and would make it an effective tackler in pvp.

Navy destroyers - we need them

— Part 2—
Like with the concord ships giving special bonuses based on security status, should Navy ships have some sort of bonus based on faction standing?

— Part 3 ----
Instead of the concord style bonus should navy ships give a bonus to the effectiveness of a navy module of the same faction?

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yeah… the slicer needs a buff it was at this point i realized op was just browsing through ships in the market and had no idea what he was talking about.


no don’t make people grind in an area of the game they have no interest in.

oh goody not only are you going to force me into gameplay i have no interest in but you are now going to force how its fit!


The navy mega is a tankier version of the vindi with a neut. Pros and cons.

And the navy slicer? Look up some guides or some videos for it. It has a purpose i don’t think you’ve cottoned onto.

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My daily reminder of things:


Navy slicer is a very good boat already had the OP known a damn thing about the game he wouldn’t be here sharing his bad ideas.As for the navy mega it’s alright where it is compared to other navy BS,not great but not terrible either.

The only thing id consider with navy battleships is lowering LP cost by 50k to maybe help bring their cost down a smidge. Pirate BS are often better and are cheaper due to being able to farm them much easier than grinding LP. So navy is more expensive and slightly less bang for the buck when compared to pirate BS, kinda throws progression off when it goes t1 - pirate - navy as far as prices go.

Why buy a tempest fleet for 550m when a mach is pretty much the same price? Or fly a navy raven or sni when a rattle snake is 100m+ cheaper?

Everything else in this post is a bad idea though. Slicer is perfectly fine, probably one of the most balanced ships in the game.


ccp has expressed a desire to change how faction ship bpcs are found to increase their cost. i find this to be a better option than making navy cheaper

They already did. They increased the build materials 6000 fold and let sanctums escalate 10% less I think.
Most goons don’t even know you can probe down DED complexes without bot-farming sanctums.

“Natural” 10/10s are pretty rare though.

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