Navy Scorp as Shield Nestor

There are 2 issues which I think could be solved by turning the Navy Scorpion into a shield logi boat similar to the Nestor.

  1. Armor has a battleship logi, shield doesn’t.
  2. The SNI is currently a more expensive Rattlesnake with less DPS.

It would be important to avoid making the ship either strictly better or worse than Basi/Scimi logi. Here is how I think the comparison should work.

SNI: repair more HP/sec, more buffer, more sensor strength, ship maintenance bay for allied refits.
T2 cruiser logi: faster, more warp speed, more rep range, better scan res, better resists, smaller sig radius, ability to cap chain (Basi only)

From these it can be seen that the new SNI would work well with other battleships or perhaps battle cruisers, but wouldn’t be able to keep up with cruiser fleets.

For some specifics, here are the proposed bonuses

Caldari Battleship per level: 4% shield resistances, 10% reduced activation cost for remote shield boosters.

Role bonuses: 50% bonus to Remote Shield Booster repair amount, 100% bonus to Remote Shield Booster optimal and falloff, 100% bonus to the effects of Power Diagnostic Systems and Signal Amplifiers.

Slot layout: 6h (-1), 7m (-1), 6L(+1). 5 missile hardpoints.

Max velocity 130 m/sec, inertia modifier 0.110, mass 99,000,000 kg, warp speed 2 AU/s

Sensor strength 28, scan res 105 mm, targeting range 108 km

I’m not sure about the rest of the stats, but it would need more CPU and less PG than current scorp. It would need slightly more capacitor, but less inherent shield HP. It would also be good to nerf its shield recharge so the PDU’s don’t give it crazy passive regen.
Here’s the type of fit I am envisioning.

6x Large Remote Shield Booster II

2x Republic Fleet Cap Battery
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Field II
Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender
Sensor Booster II

Damage Control II
4x Power Diagnostic System II
Signal Amplifier II

Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer
2x Large Core Defense Field Extender

I don’t think this ship would be overpowered compared to t2 logi or the Nestor. It reps significantly less than the Nestor, but the PDU/signal amplifier bonus helps with the issues of capacitor and scan res that have kept the Nestor from seeing much use as a logi ship outside of wormholes. It’s rep range would be 16+24, enough to be useful but not enough to stay out of danger. The lack of scan res would also make it more at home in a battleship fleet due to their larger sig radii for faster locking.


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Except the Nestor is a Pirate hull and none of the other Empires have equivalent logistics. All the Empires do have Marauders and Black Ops, though.

The one thing I could see is bringing the cost of Navy hulls down so they’re not so outrageous in price.


pirate hulls need to be harder to farm so their prices go back up, the navy don’t need to be cheaper. luckily ccp said they were working on this.

as for op. No this does not need to be a thing. the nester isn’t exactly great logi the logistics cruisers do it better and parity is not required

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There should be a shield logi BB in the game to offset the armor Nestor.
But converting the SNI isn’t the way to go.
A new hull is required.

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Well, the Barghest is over 900m ISK. Rattlesnakes, Machariels, Vindicators and Nightmares are all over 500m ISK. How much higher do you feel they need to go? Back to the 700m-1b ISK mark?

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While I agree this change isn’t needed, some navy hulls (such as the SNI) are obscenely overpriced. Navy hulls are, to my knowledge, intended to be weaker and lower cost than pirate hulls.


The problem is that everything you can do in a Navy hull you can do better in a Pirate hull for usually the same or less price.

Rattlesnakes, Machariels, and Vindicators are all under 500mill. hell even if you are for some reason buying from sell orders the rattle is under. Barghest is seeded differently and at a pretty good price though a little high. 650-800 is a good spot for pirate BBs if the navy ones want to see any real use

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Actually, if we look at Jita pricing they’re all over 500m ISK (most are close to 600m ISK). The Barghest should really be about 250-300m ISK cheaper (it’s a tad pricey).


They are starting to creep up in price, but pirate hulls could stand to go up a bit more. A few more nullbloc whelps should do it :slight_smile:

if you are fetching from evepraisal or a site using the same api the numbers will be off. i’m sitting in the forge now a rattle is selling for 475 and being bought for 400

you know almost the identical price range of a SNI

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IMO, navy hulls should cost only slightly more than T1 hulls, just with ■■■■ insurance. That way they can see good fleet deployments (I mean… they are “NAVY” hulls… you generally have fleets in navies) but you can’t whelp them like T1 BBs.


they’re priced pretty good for what they currently do they only feel pricy because pirate hulls do more and tend to cost the same or less

They’re percieved as pricey because they’re not only more expensive than their Pirate counterparts but tend to suck ammo like there’s no tomorrow. And SKIN selection is practically non-existent.

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Osprey navy, Omen navy and Auguror navy fleets roam around geminate all the time, we see them pretty often

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I’m pretty sure he’s talking about battleships navy hulls, not cruisers.


Tempest Fleet Issue fleets are a thing, GOTG flies them.

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but they are no where near as common as mach fleets

I think a lot of folks stocked up on Machariels and Rattlesnakes when they were dirt cheap.


yeah… just like we are now with bhaals