Embark - USTZ lowsec pvp corp is recruiting

Took bait, lost few dreads and my tackle rorqual but got our first alliance nyx kill! Dont miss the 2nd one soon!

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Nice little brawl yesterday during a mining op.

Baited a blops drop with some blues.

Kill timer for Vega’s fort yesterday.


Some rorqual frags today. One bumped off station, the other aggressed.

Little fight on a content athanor.

We had a great fight in Solitude over FORKS:

Also Embark. has become the home of the dejected homeless BUMS. out there. Its even more casual and no one really cares what you do. We’re also all poor so pretty much BUMS. mk2 again.

Phil is the man to talk to if you want to join but if you want to talk to me too thats cool.

Still recruiting!

Little brawl we had. No Forks was reffing a friendly structure nearby.

Still recruiting~

Good guys, recommended!

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Still recruiting!

Vega tried to ninja anchor a fort. Went as expected.

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Yet another fun fight with FORKS.

Come and join the fun in Solitude/Syndicate and Cloud Ring.

We blob’d VEGA a bit but still got nice kills.

Still recruiting!

Another fight with forks and another victory for us:

PLOW got baited on a Vargur:

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Still recruiting!

We had several big fleets yesterday but they were either blueballs or inconclusive stalemates.

Definitely lots of stuff still happening around Syndicate. Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!