Emblems - good idea, not so good implementation

  1. They are kinda small… not as small as killmarks, but still
  2. Way of obtaining Paragon SP is sus. Only in HS, only once per day, and you remove minerals (t1 ship hulls) out of economy instead of isk.
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One, aesthetics is owned by the art department.
Two; those hulls will likely go to players who buy the expert systems proportions. Think of it as escrow.

Maybe if they sold more types of expert systems and make them more expensive we could get some good results.

Emblems are small, too small. Make them larger and everyone will love them.

As for the EverMarks. The only way of getting them is buying/building the ships in question, which you use isk for it. So technically, we are trading isk for EverMarks at a gated rate. I mean… it’s supposed to be a mission not a buy & fetch from the same system’s trade hub station, the paragon ship exchange involves no fighting, no research, no hauling, no mining…

Honestly, I’ve earn a ton of ISK since this was released because I’m a T1 ship manufacturer (n particular, Mining Barges sell like hot cakes!)

But it looks like an unsound system for EVE with a player-driven economy to me. Ships is things that should be destroyed by beeing shot, and should not be sucked into a sink, I think.

They nerfed ganking so they had to keep up the destruction somehow.

I like 'em.

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