Evemarks, can it be shifted to dallies or having the quests being done in keepstars?

Nullsec players to maximize evemarks, with the 3000 evermarks reward for doing quest need to regularly jump clone to empire and back. Being constantly wardeced I need to use my empire alt to move the ship and its kind of repetitive and annoying, Also to add salt, people part of a big alliance or any have the biggest reason for getting evemarks because they have a alliance logo.

It would be handy if keepstars had a connection to pargon agents and store for getting quests and dropping off ship. Or if wanting to be more inclusive for alliances who dont have those, have the quest giver to give and do quest anywhere.

Or another idea which might be better would be having the 3000 or so paragon points you get for turning in a ship be shifted to completing 2 dalies along with the 10k skillpoint pot which is active gameplay that can shift every day that you can sort of pick and chose what you want to do and not timing jump cloning and hopping between characters and moving a ship to a paragon plant over and over again.

The current paragon point harvesting is very tilted to just highsec players who happen to live in one of the hubs and have no wardecs, anyone else, its close to as inconvenient as a nullsec player. Of course if you are in a corp that can’t be wardeced you have no reason for getting paragon points for an alliance logo you very likely dont have.

I would post this in the suggestions area but can’t post in that area so it is here.

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