Embracing Diversity: The Need for a Ukrainian Version of the EVE Online Forum Sub-Tree


In the ever-expanding universe of EVE Online, the bond among capsuleers transcends borders and cultures. As we continue to connect players from around the globe, we recognize the importance of inclusivity and catering to the diverse linguistic needs of our community. In this blog post, we shed light on why establishing a Ukrainian version of the EVE Online forum sub-tree is crucial to fostering engagement, building relationships, and ensuring that every pilot’s voice is heard.

  1. Celebrating the Ukrainian EVE Community

Ukraine boasts a strong and passionate EVE Online community, filled with skilled pilots eager to share their knowledge and experiences. By creating a Ukrainian version of our forum sub-tree, we celebrate the dedication and enthusiasm of Ukrainian-speaking capsuleers. It shows our commitment to embracing cultural diversity and providing a space where they can engage in discussions and share ideas in their native language.

  1. Enhancing Communication and Interaction

Language plays a pivotal role in facilitating meaningful interactions among players. By introducing a Ukrainian version, we break down language barriers that may have hindered Ukrainian pilots from fully engaging in forum discussions. The ability to communicate fluently in their mother tongue encourages more active participation, enriching the community with diverse viewpoints and strategies.

  1. Expanding the EVE Universe

The establishment of a Ukrainian sub-tree opens the gates to an entirely new audience of EVE Online players. It is not merely about accommodating a linguistic preference; it is about expanding our EVE universe. As we connect Ukrainian-speaking capsuleers, we create opportunities for new friendships, alliances, and collaborations. This expansion enriches our community, allowing it to thrive and evolve.

  1. Fostering a Stronger and Connected Community

Language is the backbone of a thriving community. By offering a Ukrainian sub-tree, we create a space where pilots can communicate effortlessly and form stronger bonds with their fellow capsuleers. These connections foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual support, strengthening the overall EVE Online community.

  1. Respecting Linguistic Identity

Language is an integral part of an individual’s identity, and Ukrainian is no exception. By acknowledging the significance of Ukrainian as a language with a rich cultural heritage, we demonstrate respect for the linguistic diversity within our EVE Online universe. This gesture promotes a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, where every pilot feels valued and appreciated.


In the vast expanse of EVE Online, language should never be a barrier to camaraderie and collaboration among capsuleers. By establishing a Ukrainian version of our forum sub-tree, we celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and create a space where Ukrainian-speaking pilots can thrive. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected EVE Online community, united by our passion for space exploration, battles, and adventure.

Let’s embrace linguistic diversity and continue to forge bonds that transcend borders, shaping the future of our beloved EVE universe.

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How many speak russian?

How many play eve?

How many are willing to translate eve?

To have the forum in your language it would also mean the game itself would be in your language. Only fully supported languages get both.

There also needs to be enough new volunteer moderators who can speak the language and willing to dedicate enough time to this together to can monitor the forums 24/7 I would assume or CCP has to dedicate resources to hiring and maintaining paid mods to do the same.

(Note that this is not against the concept just an observation worth considering and maybe including in the discussion.)


Im half asleep those were just a few questions i remember seeing asked about other languages quite often like Spanish

All good, forums can be a collaborate effort. Besides probably there are other things as well neither of us mentioned yet. And it’s good that way, the more things more people can add to the conversation the better and healthier it is. After all it is a public community forum for a reason.


This is not a problem - it is an advantage for capsuleers from Ukraine

Here, many enthusiasts are ready to translate EVE into Ukrainian
Moreover, it is not 100% about “any awards” - it is only about the desire of the developers to moderate and manage this issue.

I cannot predict with absolute certainty the long-term perspective - but at the moment there is a sufficient number of pilots who have the ability and desire to moderate the forum branch in Ukrainian - with full responsibility


While you may not be wrong, look how long its taken to get other languages supported? In game and subsequently on the forums.

I am Ukranian, and I am against this translation.
Any Ukranian can understand the russian translation of Eve, so this is unnecessary.
Another reason is that any language that’s not English is not recommended to any players because it leads to many problems in communication between players. russian translation is often turned off by skilled players, Ukranian translation while having even smaller speakers will have the same problem.
So please, don’t waste CCP resources.

Maybe some Ukranian advertising and video content instead will be great.


In order not to repeat theses from the initial post, which revealed the issue of the motivation of localization

I’ll try to counterargue some of your points:

  1. “Save the developers’ resource” - this statement has no real basis - enthusiasts and volunteers can independently prepare a localization version - its implementation has an almost automatic mechanism, with the exception of QA testing (which is also essentially supported by the players themselves at the form of users reports)

  2. The presence of Ukrainian or any of the present localizations does not prevent any of the players from using the English (or any other) version of the client/game

  3. regarding “possible problems in communication” - the presence of in-game slang in the game industry - is a very common trend - its basis is often taken from the original source (because as a rule, products/games are launched without localizations - and appear later with the growth of the community) - whatever client was not used by the user, the slang is still different from the original designations, and moreover, it is influenced by: specific alliances and/or other organized players groups, specific language features of the players’ native languages, specific initial registration time of players, their experience, etc.

I will note that without feedback and the counter-willingness of the developers to support the initiative - all future work on localization will not be successful. This is why this branch exists on this forum - to show the demand for such innovations

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Heck yeah

I would think an arabic or hindi translation would better serve the game in terms of drawing in more people. It really depends on If CCP would want to devote resources to advertising to those regions.

(Not sure if there’s a Portuguese localization, but I do know there’s a lot of Brazilian gamers.)

Interesting… The Ukrainian player says no and those that are not says yes.

@Otto_Mendelssohn your understanding of the development process is flawed. it took a really long time for one of the biggest languages in the world to be supported.

Not to mention Volunteer efforts to these kind off things hold legal liabilities for companies.

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You don’t embrace diversity by segregation

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Diversity, inclusion, Equity.

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