Emerging Conduit in FoF ships. Is it doable?

I’m lazy persons who have 4 accounts.
Want to try Emerging Conduits in 4 FoF ships.
What will be the best ships for that?
Cerberus, tengus. barghests, ortuses…
Pls help!

Nova Valentis is awesome.
Time for Vindicator and some friends=) https://youtu.be/sJP_NdPVeCY

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I dunno. Nighthawk maybe? each with one type shield command burst?

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There is no bonus to light missiles

can those cruisers tank the last waves?

Im using two remote repair RS for my lazy lineup. spider tank with just one remote cap and shield booster plus 4 rapid light launchers. The remote rep and cap diverting the aggro to my ships instead of my drones. Im using the FoF rapid light missiles only when another guy running there with me. making it not quite an AFK activity since it quite fast the waves cleared and need to reactivates the missiles between waves.

This AFK RS are losing the competition when other people run the same site. Normal ships such as RS, gila, or even praxis can snatch loot from me.

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Can we please not support people who desire to not play the game ?

Thank you?

This guy might as well be a botter.

Could you just not?


Do not insult people whom you do not know.

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Well we know you’re basically trying to automate your high sec krabbing, and by the very existence of this thread we know you’re not bright enough to figure out how to do it on your own.

What else do we need to know?

I use 3 drekavacs now and wanna make my carebears life easier.
Im thinking about vindicator + 2 drone boats, 3 RS with light missiles + berserkers or something else.
Pls help me with advice or just go away.

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Last time I checked king of HS afk killing was rattlesnake. May be outdated info tho

Sounds good, let me know what system you’ll be in and I can help provide protection while you test out some different fits.

Barghests would be the best, they definently work just beware that it wont be verry efficient and max range will be 150km.
It would probably be more enjoyable just using 2 Hyperions or two rattles.
2 nestors would work verry well, put some cap transfers large guns and local tank and that could be good also.

Or just cap, reps in highs and use drones

1 well fitted vindicator is more than enough to tank and kill everything in 7 minutes.
I have 8 T1 turrets in high (waiting for T2 skill), 1 mwd + 2 web + target painter + tracking computer in mid, 2 mag stab + armor rep + damage control + 2 centii plate in low. I use high grade amulet set implants.
If you have logistic alts just replace armor rep with another mag stab for more dps.

btw, stop inviting more ppl into conduiting, we already have too many parasites who just want to shoot with their crappy vexor and get free isk while we do all the work.

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