Emerging Conduits gone and no more

Its a double negative, meanwhile in english one negative is enough, probably not native speaker. We in poland use double negatives too.

Oh wait, english is also dialects:

some dialects of English, such as African-American Vernacular English, are examples of negative-concord languages

I think these conduits will be eventually in many places across new eden. Looks like it will go both ways, good or bad, depending on which side you are on.


Seen a couple of sites in one of new invasion systems. But with 260 ppl in local and 30 smthn in each site its a clown fiesta.

Gotta wait until hype settles I think.

Well I looked at the trig interface and more systems seem to pop up every hour.
I think in 1-2 day the poop will hit the fan and full blown war will break out all over new eden.

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The emerging conduits look different now with more ships and they spawn in Triglavian invasion systems. There are also EDENCOM sites that look similar but with empire ships.

Both kinds of sites are run by many ships simultanously. Looks like rope pulling contest, the system I am in is a bit on the triglavian side now.

@Adrian_Vexier not on topic, but this might interest you - there is a whole post about you:

I didn’t see any emerging conduits outside of the invasion systems either.

The emerging conduits in the invasions are named the same as before but now have way more difficult spawns, with damaviks all the way up to leshaks. The payout is less, 1.5mil isk and 100LP compared to about 4mil isk and 300LP previously. Although, red loot drops may be more, but could have been RNG or larger wrecks.

The content is made a little more interesting in that opposing groups will sometimes rep the npc’s. Our group spent almost 5 min trying to take down a Leshak, was pretty impressed how effective 3 augorors can be.

I can say the content is pretty fun at first, even with low rewards. Just can’t say if the content will be able to retain interest in the long run without appropriate payout, we are only human after all… :upside_down_face:

@Siegfried_Tahl this may be an interesting study if CCP is experimenting if players will do things for rewards vs. altruism, as in payout vs. saving high sec, or some other motivations, as in reference to your topic of why people play.


There will not be enough motivation to save highsec. All eve players want in game is to either bot, gank, mine, pve, pvp, afk, lore or make isk. (what did I miss?) Not save highsec.

Edit; any LP would have to be off the chart to get me to try to save highsec…


LOL, you may be right. I did note that the invasion systems seemed to be in pretty out of the way places, at least 15+ jumps to any of them from where I was at. I’ll have to take a look and see if any had significant PvE resources. It would be curious to see how far CCP would go to test the players, if they’ll set their eyes on big mission hubs or such, guess we’ll see what may happen then.

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Time to burn Jita again…

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I could do those while in an Orca

Were you there for the first one??? Man, what a hoot! My corp chewed me out for being the only one to lose a ship in that mayhem!

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Yeah, it was early in the morning for me, LOL… Should have been “have not”

I’ve been clearing out some of Stellar Recon sites in the systems listed in the Agency and I’ve been seeing like 3-4 of them easy.


in my mind i love HS. LS and NS and WH are simply different.
May be the “elite” gamer love NS and WH and LS but they love to come in HS for sell and buy. Try to stay in yours WH, NS, LS without come in HS then we will can speak to “save” the HS.
And yes the HS give a lot of isk. There are industrial of NS who are buying many tritanium in … HS. Well buy the trita in LS and NS please not in HS. -> i need trita for my industry in HS. :slight_smile:

I finally get around to being able to farm and mine these solo and now its nerfed…well my job here is done.

what else can i go do for ccp to nerf into the ground?


Nullsec combat anomalies

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Sorry Lydia, but I live in HS and I need stuff from WH and NS and LS for my HS Industry.

So :stuck_out_tongue: to you

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Your more than welcome to fight for highsec, I wont be fighting against you.

Please don’t be naive. The number of sociopaths that play this game solely to ruin another person’s day is staggering. You have people who haven’t set foot in High Sec for years except with alts for monthly shopping trips suddenly frothing at the mouth at the chance to “mine salt” and “extract tears” from players they never interact with, don’t care about, and aren’t a threat to them.


What the heck does that have to do with my post? I’m only talking about motivations in joining the fight in invasions. I have zero interest on your opinions of people just playing a fictional game.